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SWEET HOME… ABALAMA! (Skynrd rules!!)



One of the last Bogart films unavailable to DVD hounds is coming our way on January 21.
SIROCCO, a tense thriller set in a war-ravaged Syria, stars Bogey as gun smuggler Harry Smith.
Smith gets in over his head and winds up trading favors with a shady French Colonel.
While Columbia Tristar has yet to announce all of the details, the disc will feature the original fullscreen ratio, a photo gallery and a tidbit called “The Bogart Collection”.

Buena Vista is lookig to cash in on the month of lovin’ by announcing a February 4 release date for the DVD version of their Reese Witherspoon hit SWEET HOME ALABAMA. No details have been announced yet.

Buena Vista also has the direct-to-video sequel BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: BELLE’S MAGICAL WORLD skedded for February 25, the debut of POKEMON 4-EVER on March 18, and the limited release hit TIME OUT a little closer to home on January 14.

Know your Drug dealer…
Good news for all of us Terry Gilliam fans and all of us Hunter S. Thompson freaks!
The masters of all things Digital, Video and Disc at CRITERION have blessed us with yet another taste of cinematic heaven. Gilliam’s much underrated and perfectly surreal adaptation of Dr.Gonzo’s FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS, starring an otherworldly Johnny Depp and a mostly unrecognizable Benny DelToro, is coming back to DVDas a 2-disc special edition. No release date has been set, but as always, Criterion has a detailed list of specs for us all. A new Anamorphic Widescreen transfer will be enhanced with 5.1 DTS and DDS audio tracks. Also look for audio commentary from Gilliam, and a second track from producer Laila Nabulsi and actors Johnny Depp and Benicio DelToro. Other extras include the BBC do*censored*entary FEAR AND LOATHING ON THE ROAD TO HOLLYWOOD, deleted scenes with commentary, many still galleries and storyboards, production designs and artwork from famed Thompson and Rolling Stone illustrator Ralph Steadman, Johnny Depp reading pieces of Thompson’s writing, trailers and rare info and materials on Oscar Zeta Acosta, the real-life basis for the attorney Dr.Gonzo.

Also just announced from the good folks at Criterion, in addition to their upcoming MONTEREY POP DVD, is the 2-disc set JIMI PLAYS MONTEREY / SHAKE! OTIS AT MONTEREY featuring rare performance footage of the two then rising stars as well as commentary from music critics and historians, interview footage and more. All three D.A. Pennebaker films will also be available as THE COMPLETE MONTEREY POP FESTIVAL box set. The exact release date is still up in the air, but look for all three ways to enjoy the rockin’ in November.

After a moderately good run in Theatres, Dana Carvey’s comeback flick MASTER OF DISGUISE will hit DVD shelves on January 28. Presented in both Anamorphic Widescreen and Fullscreen transfers with 5.1 DDS sound, extras will include audio commentary with Carvey and the director, 3 featurettes (titled “Man Of A Thousand Faces”, “Magic Of Disguise” and “Identity Crisis”), deleted scenes, an alternate ending with “Turtle Guy” intro, music videos and a trailer.

Also from Columbia Tristar on the 28 of January, look for the 1932 Bing Crosby film PENNIES FROM HEAVEN, with a 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio and Mono sound. Extras will be kept to trailers.

The 28th will also see the debut of the last unavailable James Cameron film on DVD. PIRANHA 2 will be featured in a Fullscreen transfer with mono sound and only trailers to fill out the package.

Finally, on a sadder note…
Two more fan favorite genre stars have left us.

Jonathan Harris and Lo Lieh…

Jonathan Harris, best known as Dr. Zachary Smith on the original TV version of LOST IN SPACE, passed away Sunday at the age of 88.

Find out more at…

Also leaving is Kung Fu star Lo Lieh who came to acclaim in the legendary Shaw Brothers Kung Fu epics of the 70’s…

Here is a short obit from AIN’T IT COOL…

November 3rd, 2002: Veteran actor Lo Lieh has died. He was 63. Born Wong Lap-Dat in 1939, Lo was a staple in old-school kung fu movies from the mid-1960s through to the mid-1980s. He appeared in such classic films as GOLDEN SWALLOW, EXECUTIONERS FROM SHAOLIN and MIRACLES. In 1973, Lo’s FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH (aka KING BOXER) became the first Hong Kong movie to make a splash at the American box office. Lo parlayed the recognition from that film into a role in the 1974 “Spaghetti-Western”-style movie THE STRANGER AND THE GUNFIGHTER. “Spaghetti-Western” legend Lee Van Cleef co-starred. Lo died in Shenzhen on Saturday morning at around 10 am after suffering a heart attack. He was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. Lo had reportedly been dealing with a heart condition for the past two years. Lo lived a turbulent life filled with ups-and-downs in business and in his personal life. He was married four times and leaves behind three children.

View the rest of the story at…

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