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A Couple of new CRITERIONS…

And a whole lotta Chow Yun Fat…

Criterion has two more discs slated for this Spring…
THE LOST HONOR OF KATHARINA BLUM was a very controversial film in 1975, for it’s use of Heinrich Boll’s novel to create a commentary on the dangers of State power and Media propaganda that is still relevant today. Look for a 1.77:1 Anamorphic Widescreen transfer and the original German mono audio tracks with English subtitles. Extras will include new video interviews with the filmmakers, a do*censored*entary on Heinrich Boll and the original theatrical trailer. While no actual release date has been set, Criterion Collection #177 will hit stores in February

I AM CURIOUS – YELLOW will also debut some time in February with Collection #179. This landmark Swedish meta-do*censored*entary was once considered the most controversial film of it’s time for it’s frank depiction of the sexual, social and political rebellions of 60’s Sweden. I AM CURIOUS – YELLOW will be presented alongside the companion film I AM CURIOUS – BLUE in a single package with new Hi-Def transfers from the original Fullscreen negative, accompanied by the original mono sound and English subtitles. Extras will include a video introduction and scene specific commentary from director Vilgot Sjoman, excerpts of his 1992 do*censored*entary Self Portrait, a directors diary, interview footage with publishers and attorneys about the legal battles surrounding the film, a video on the film’s censorship and trial for obscenity, transcripts from the trials, critical essay and director interview and theatrical trailers.

On the other end of the spectrum, World Video and CAV Distributing have announced the January 14 release of three hard to find Chow Yun Fat classics from his early 90’s Hong Kong resume. FULL CONTACT, directed by Ringo Lam, features the Fat man as a Bangkok bouncer who has to hide out after a near-death at the hands of a ruthless gang, and resurfaces later to take his revenge. Widescreen, with 5.1 DDS sound. In Mandarin with a plethora of subtitle options, and a trailer.

PEACE HOTEL, a 1995 John Woo production, follows Chow Yun Fat as the proprietor of the titular hotel, where anyone can come to escape their attackers. When one dangerous girl shows up, looking for sanctuary from a vicious mob looking for revenge, he has to decide how to handle the situation. Go to war, or turn her away. Widescreen, 5.1 DDS, in Mandarin with English subtitles. Theatrical trailer included.

Finally, TREASURE HUNT, the Million Box Office hit, sees Fat play an American CIA agent in Hong Kong, sent to return a precious treasure from the Shaolin Temple. The treasure happens to be a beautiful girl with strange powers who is being hunted by crooked CIA agents who want to sell her for her abilities. 5.1 DDS sound, Widescreen, in Mandarin with subtitles. Also look for a trailer.

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