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DVD NEWS – September 3


Here’s some news for ya!!!


After developing a rep for canceling previously announced DVD releases, you would think that we would take Paramount’s announcements with a grain of sand…
After ‘unnanouncing’ such releases as THE FAN, IT CAME FROM HOLLYWOOD and THE TENANT, Paramount has put the indefinite kibosh on its DVD release of THE ITALIAN JOB. Originally slated for November 5, the Michael Cain heist-flick will be ‘indefinitely delayed’, most likely to capitalize on the upcoming Mark Wahlberg remake.

Fans of Martin Scorcese will fall to one side of the fence or the other, as WB and MGM are planning to release a spate of Scorcese classics in ‘Special Edition’ packages.
Fox will eventually release THE KING OF COMEDY, after recording a Scorcese commentary, featuring a new 1.85 AW transfer Dolby 2.0 Surround sound and extras including a new do*censored*entary, still galleries and trailers. WB has new ‘Special Edition’ versions of MEAN STREETS and GOODFELLAS on the way for early 2003, featuring new commentaries, do*censored*entaries etc. MGM will release a 2-disc special edition of RAGING BULL with a making-of featurette, original fight footage of LaMotta in action and a collection of LaMotta’s famous jokes. All but KING OF COMEDY have been previously released in bare-bones packages.

Here are some assorted release dates for films which no details have yet been made available.
MINORITY REPORT will shelve on November 19.
Kids flicks LIKE MIKE and HEY ARNOLD! Will premiere on DVD December 10.
THE POWERPUFF GIRLS MOVIE will save us all on November 5.
JUWANNA MAN hits the bench on November 12.
And CROCODILE HUNTER: COLLISION COURSE and K:19 will arrive just in time for the holidays on December 17.

While no details or an actual release date have been specified, THE ANIMATRIX – a collection of MATRIX-inspired animated shorts, will be released by WB in 2003. The collection will most likely be released to build buzz for the next installment of THE MATRIX trilogy. To see a very cool trailer for the collection, visit the official MATRIX website.

Lion’s Gate will release the pilot episode to the cable-TV hit THE DEAD ZONE on November 5.
The pilot will be presented in it’s original full-screen aspect ratio and a 5.1 DDS sound mix. Extras will include writer commentary (No, not by Stephen King) a ‘video diary’, and TV spots.

Artisan Entertainment will indeed release a 50th Anniversary Special Edition of Fred Zinnemans HIGH NOON.
This Oscar-winning western, starring Gary Cooper, changed the movie western forever, long-before the ‘Spaghetti-western’ movement of the mid-sixties. HIGH NOON will be presented in it’s original full-screen aspect ratio with a remastered stereo soundtrack. Extras will include audio commentaries, a making-of featurette hosted by Leonard Maltin, a behind the scenes do*censored*entary, trailers and production still galleries. All hell comes to town on October 22.

Buena Vista will release BAD COMPANY, starring Sir Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock on November 12. Details are still sketchy, but the disc will have a 2.35:1 AW transfer and 5.1 DDS sound, and will feature a featurette called IN BAD COMPANY: AN INSIDE LOOK.

Buena Vista also has this summers McConnaghey vs. Dragons flick REIGN OF FIRE on deck for November 19. A 2.35 AW transfer and 5.1 DDS sound will be fully THX certified, and the disc will feature a selection of behind-the-scenes featurettes and theatrical trailers. Also expect a commentary track and a few other extras.

That’s all for today, boyz and grrrrrrls….
But stay tuned later in the week for more hearty goodness cortesy of your friendly neighborhood EYECRAVEDVD gang!!

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