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Even MORE delays…

It seems the two Warner Brothers delays aren’t the only ones today folks!The rumor that has been going around the net for about a week has turned out to be true. This time Paramount has announced its delaying and recalling a certain high profile title that was to hit this Tuesday.To find out what it is and why, set phasers to groan and keep reading…

**UPDATE – Official Paramount Statement**
Apparently there is a small problem with the packaging, so Paramount is recalling and delaying their release of Star Trek: Generations – Special Collectors Edition. The problem concerns the packaging artwork listing the trailers for the movie as being part of the dvd set when in fact, they are not included. A rights dispute has kept them from being a part of the package. Odd that trailers to a Paramount movie probably using Paramount commissioned music would somehow be up in the air for legal reasons. Also, early online reviews indicate problems with the video. However, Paramount has only sighted the artwork as the reason for the recall. At any rate the set WILL be reissued at an as yet unannounced time in the future. As most other DVD sites have been saying – THERE IS NO NEED TO BUY IT OFF EBAY.When a new release date or information becomes available we’ll be sure to post it.UPDATEParamount has given an official statement for the delay of the set.“There is a typographical error on the Star Trek Generations Special Collector’s Edition DVD. It inadvertently notes a teaser and theatrical trailer that are not on the DVD. As a result, this product is being recalled and street date (originally September 7) is being delayed. We will provide further information on a new street date shortly.”Personally speaking, it seems silly to recall a set that was about to make its way into stores when it has only two labeling errors. The Star Trek VI DVD had numerous labeling errors which are mentioned in my review of the set and was not recalled or delayed. Whatever the reason, we’ll all learn what the problem may or may not have been when the set is rescheduled for sometime in the future.

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