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The latest Dean Devlin film Eight Legged Freaks failed to spark at the box office, but the film will be coming to DVD this fall from Warner Brothers Home Entertainment.
Being released in widescreen and fullscreen versions, both versions will contain the same features including an audio commentary with David Arquette and Ellory Elkayem, deleted scenes including an alternate ending, the short film “Larger Than Life”, a theatrical trailer, spider trivia and DVD ROM content.
Coming on October 29th, right on time for the Halloween release.

1970’s kung fu fans rejoice!!! MASTERS OF THE FLYING GUILLOTINE is coming!!!
Passport Home Entertainment is releasing a new ‘Ultimate Edition’ of the film on DVD.
Finally available after 25 years, the restored version of the martial arts classic about a kung fu expert, The One Armed Boxer, who takes on the blind Master of The Flying Guillotine. The Master is out to avenge the death of two of his students at the hands of The One Armed Boxer.
Master of the Flying Guillotine is one of the original classics of the genre and features a killer soundtrack, amazing visuals and one of the craziest weapons in film history.
The upcoming DVD will present the film in both in English and in Chinese with optional subtitles. Features include restored footage, trailers, an audio commentary, cast and crew bios and a still gallery. The SMACK will be layed downtown on September 17th.

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