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Family Guy back on the Air?

According to USA Today Fox is planning to resume production on the cancelled TV series. This news comes after Fox realized through DVD sales that the show is indeed popular.Read on for the full article.

Source: USA Today Tuesday, November 18, 2003 20th Century Fox is considering a plan to resume production of Family Guy, a sometimes crude animated comedy that the Fox network took off the air more than 18 months ago. As many as 35 new episodes could return in January 2005, marking the first time that a canceled series has been revived based on strong DVD demand and ratings in syndication.Fox Television Entertainment Group chairman Sandy Grushow said a decision is expected soon and called the series a late-blooming phenomenon that may have aired before its time.A DVD set of the show’s first 28 episodes released in April has sold nearly 1 million copies, making it this year’s top-selling TV show and the No. 4 television title ever. A second collection, of 22 episodes, has sold 520,000 copies. And the series is Cartoon Network’s most popular among adults.The series was created by Seth MacFarlane, who wrote scripts, drew characters, provided voices and infused the show with rapid-fire sight gags. But ratings faded, and the show ended with a whimper early last year.

Bring on more Stewie!!!

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