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Home Theatre PCs?

The PC that does it all…

Thanks to Microsoft??

What does it all mean? Windows XP Media Center Edition is the first operating system created for the home theatre enthusiast. It will be available this holiday season thanks to efforts from a bevy of technology giants, Hewlett-Packard and Samsung.

The operating system will have with everything from digital video recording technology to DVD playing to Dolby quality audio.

“The Media Center computers will look like any other PC, except they will have a larger screen and an additional connection slot for cable or satellite set-top boxes for either TV viewing or high-speed Internet access. Prices for HP’s version of the equipment is expected to be in the ,500-,000 range”. HP models will include a DVD-RW/R drive and a CD RW drive.

  • “ATI and Nvidia, the maker of the video chip for Microsoft’s Xbox game console, developed the technology for video performance. In addition, Nvidia, CyberLink and InterVideo will support the Media Center Edition with DVD and MPEG-2 video decoders for both DVD viewing and the playback of material from digital video recording. Microsoft says its DVR can fast-forward, rewind and pause live TV.
  • Dolby’s audio technology will be incorporated so that it will launch as part of the DVD playback experience. The customer will use a Dolby-branded control panel to change the settings.
  • TV viewing will be enhanced via a program guide provided by EPG and Tribune Media Services. The guide will be free and work in tandem with the DVR services. It will have a search feature and 14 days worth of TV listings.
  • A remote control will be provided by Royal Philips Electronics.
  • Connectivity software for the cable and satellite set-top box will be developed by Universal Electronics.
  • Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Intel will provide a Pentium 4 processor platform that has been tweaked to handle the demands of running all these media services on a computer.”

    “Microsoft said copyright issues have been taken into account in the development of the technology. The Media Center edition operating system will be sold only through manufacturers, not directly to the public, to prevent piracy of its tools.”

    Source: Video Business Online

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