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Now you’re a may-on, a mighty, mighty may-on…

REIGN OF FIRE will hit shelves November 9th from Buena Vista Home Entertainment.
Along with a new Anamorphic Widescreen transfer and 5.1 DDS audio in English and French, look for 2 featurettes – ‘A Conversation With Rob Bowman’ and ‘The Special Effects of Reign Of Fire’ – as well as theatrical trailers and a few surprises.

Buena Vista is also bringing the long-awaited WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT home to DVD in the new year…
Details are sketchy (pardon the pun), but the Roger Rabbit shorts ‘Tummy Trouble’, Trail Mix-Up’ and ‘Rollercoaster Rabbit’ will probably be included, and the studio is reportedly taking the utmost care in restoration and new animation for the menus. Details will be relayed with the greatest of haste.

Columbia Tristar is bringing the recent indie hit 13 CONVERSATIONS ABOUT 1 THING to DVD aficianados on November 19.
Anamorphic Widescreen and 5.1 DDS audio will grace the feature, and the disc will also feature audio commentary and theatrical trailers.

Finally, we have word on the release of the Al Pacino remake of INSOMNIA.
October 15th is still the day to mark on your Holly Hobby desk calendar, but now we can give you the lowdown on the cornucopia of extras included with the Christopher Nolan film. There will be separate Widescreen and Fullscreen releases, both with 5.1 DDS audio. Also included will be audio commentary with Nolan, presented in shooting order, and a second commentary with Hilary Swank and the filmmakers. ‘An Interview with Christopher Nolan and Al Pacino’ is exactly that, an on-camera interview with the pair. ‘In the Fog’ will explore the cinematography and production design of the film with special focus on the fog scene, with selectyable commentary by Cinematpgrapher Wally Pfister or Production Designer Nathan Crowley. ‘Day For Night’ is a making-of doc-u-mentary, and ‘Eyes Wide Open’ is a featurette on the titular sleep disorder. Also included will be an extended scene with optional commentary, a poster gallery, production stills, design sketches, the theatrical trailer and DVD-Rom material.

Columbia is adding to the ever-expanding list of 80’s classics on DVD with it’s December 10 release of QUICKSILVER, featuring Kevin Bacon as an ex-stockbroker bike messenger. Fullscreen only with 2.0 Dolby stereo soundtrack as well as trailers and production notes.

Also releasing December 10, are two indie hits from this summers crop – MY WIFE IS AN ACTRESS and INNOCENCE, barebones packages with Anamorphic Widescreen transfers and trailers only.

The much-rumored 30th anniversary release of biopic survival tale ALIVE will street on October 8, featuring 1.85:1 transfer, trailers and two featurettes – ‘Return To The Andes’ and ’20 Years Later: The Making of ALIVE’. (Confusing? You see, the event took place thirty years ago, the film was made on the 20th anniversary of the rescue…)

Hot cable TV phenom THE SHIELD will have it’s DVD debut an January 7, 2003.
The 4-disc set will include all 13 first season episodes, with optional commentary, deleted scenes, audition tapes, DVD-Rom material including the pilot script, and the featurette ‘Behind THE SHIELD’.
Oh, how we love you Comish!!

Universal has just updated the official BACK TO THE FUTURE TRILOGY DVD website with a 6 minute clip of the extras to be included in the much-anticipated set, due in November… Check it out at…

On the other end of the taste spectrum – check out the new ORGAZMO DVD website to have a gander at some good stuff that we may get to see someday if Universal will release it to us rampaging Matt & Trey fans anytime soon…

You’re a may-on….
Now you’re a man…

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