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How about some INDIANA JONES TRILOGY news to deck the halls?

Be sure to also check out what’s coming from COLUMBIA and MTI!!!…

According to a recent interview with THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, Steven Spielberg gave up the goods on the LOOOOOOONG awaited DVD package of the INDIANA JONES TRILOGY (soon to be quadrilogy). According to The Steve, plans were being made to release the first film in the fall, followed by the other two by the time Part 4 hits theatres in 2004. “George Lucas and I are having an argument with Paramount” Spielberg commented. “Paramount want s to come out with all three movies in one package. George and I want to come out with one film at a time and then come out with all three movies, and maybe even the fourth one, all in one package later.”

Paramount, of course, issued an immediate statement refuting that there was an “argument” and that it was merely a matter of ongoing discussion. I don’t imagine that anyone wants to be put through the proverbial ringer with this one, having to buy each film and then a full set later, but the success of the FELLOWSHIP OF THE RINGS EXTENDED edition and the newly released BACK TO THE FUTURE TRILOGY are big influences on both sides of that fence. Hopefully the studio and the filmmakers will realize the wisdom of giving the fans what they want and fostering goodwill before releasing their long-in-the-tooth sequel.

Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment has announced a their upcoming release of the critically acclaimed film ATANARJUAT: THE FAST RUNNER. Winner of a Golden Camera Award at Cannes, the New Director Award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and Best Canadian Feature at the Toronto International Film Festival, FAST RUNNER is a lyrically beautiful film about passion and survival set in the harsh wilds of the northern wilderness. The film will be presented in digitally mastered Anamorphic Widescreen with a 5.1 DDS audio track featuring the original Inuktitut dialogue and English subtitles. Extras include trailers. This film is already available on DVD in Canada, but our American friends can pick it up February 11.

Also on deck from CTHE, is the Luc Besson production WASABI starring Jean Reno and Japanese superstar Ryoko Hirosue. Reno plays a hard-nosed Police Detective whose world is turned upside down when he finds out that an old flame is dead. On arriving in Tokyo to settle her estate, he begins to suspect foul play in her death. Teaming up with the spunky teenage daughter he never knew he had, Reno sets out to kick some Wasabi… Anamorphic Widescreen and 5.1 DDS sound, with trailers for extras. Look for this fish-out-of-water action-comedy on February 11.

And also just in from CTHE, the announcement of March 11 debuts of the box office dud I SPY, the STV sequel SNIPER 2, and the mysterious SASQUATCH. Catalog titles THE AWFUL TRUTH, WIND and DESERT BLOOM will also bow on March 11. Stay tuned for the deets.

Anchor Bay Entertainment has unleashed another spate of obscure cult classics, including the March 18 debuts of MICHAEL NESMITH’S ELEPHANT PARTS, the animated anthology THE DAYDREAMER and the Fred Williamson blaxploitation gem ONE DOWN, TWO TO GO.

March 25 is a packed release of WINTER KILLS, starring Jeff Bridges and Anthony Perkins, which will feature an Anamorphic Widescreen transfer, audio commentary, still gallery, featurettes, screenplay and trailers.

April 8 sees Winona Ryder in SQUARE DANCE, the long-awaited THE BLACK MARBLE and A MAN A WOMAN AND A BANK, all presented in 1.85:1 AW with Mono soundtracks, trailers and a poster reproduction as extras.

Finally, April 29 sees the release of A GIRL CALLED ROSEMARIE and a Special Edition of FIVE WIVES, THREE SECRETARIES AND ME, featuring an AW transfer, mono sound, audio commentary, a featurette and trailers.

Last, but never least, our good buddies over at MTI Home Video have announced three more upcoming releases. First up is the Artist View Family release THE NEWCOMERS starring Kate Bosworth, Jeff Fahey and Matt McCoy. The disc will feature extras including a trivia game, biographies and trailers. February 4.

February 18, MTI releases the Delta Entertainment film JACK MOVEZ, starring David Rocha and Carl Washington. The film follows the story of two ex-marines hired to pull a fake diamond store robbery for insurance money. When some hardcore diamond thieves want to know who’s horning in on their territory, all hell breaks loose.

And on February 25, Third Eye Blind frontman Stephan Jenkins follows up his supporting turn in ROCK STAR with a starring role as a philandering husband whose wife hires a female con-artist to turn the tables. Also starring Joyce Hyser, Nichole Hiltz and David DeLuise.

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