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And some words of wisdom for the New Year…


Finally, I have some news to share with youse all!!!

First off, a monstrous slate of release info from our good buddies over at Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment. A collection of comedic talent hits the small screen in the underseen and underappreciated STEALING HARVARD, starring Jason Lee, Dennis Farina, Megan Mullally, Leslie Mann and Tom Green. Directed by KIDS IN THE HALL alumnus Bruce McCulloch, the film sees Lee’s character in dire straits as he tries to find a huge amount of cash in a short amount of time, to send his only Niece to Harvard. Presented in remastered 5.1 DDS audio and Anamorphic Widescreen, extras will include filmographies, trailers and deleted scenes. February 18.

Also from CTHE on the 18th, look for the indie thriller TABOO starring young up n’ comers like Eddie Kaye Thomas, Nick Stahl, January Jones and Amber Benson in a revenge-fueled story of mayhem based around a game of kiss and tell. Fullscreen with 2.0 Dolby Surround and trailers.

Also on the 18th of February, CTHE bows THE THREE STOOGES: STOP! LOOK! AND LAUGH!. Included in this compilation DVD, are clips from Stooge shorts like “Violent Is The Word For Curly”, “Sock-A-Bye Baby”, “What’s The Matador?”, “A Plumbing We Will Go” and “Cinderella”. The compilation feature will feature remastered audio and video, with a bonus short “A Bird In The Head”. The feature will be presented in Widescreen and the short in it’s original Fullscreen ratio.

On March 11, as previously announced here, CTHE debuts the little seen comedy remake of I SPY starring Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson. This release will include both AW and Fullscreen presentations with 5.1 DDS sound, audio commentary, 4 featurettes (‘Cloak and Camouflage’, Gadgets and Gizmos’, ‘Schematics and Blueprints’ and ‘The Slugfest’) and trailers.

On March 18, CTHE has announced the release of Paul Schrader’s recent indie hit AUTOFOCUS, as well as THE MAN FROM ELYSIAN FIELDS, THE EIGHTEENTH ANGEL, IN A LONELY PLACE and THE CARE BEARS MOVIE 2: A NEW GENERATION. Full details are yet to be announced, but stay tuned for more…

On March 11, from Criterion, comes a new package for the Sam Peckinpah classic STRAW DOGS. Long suffering from censorship and controversy over it’s raw, visceral terror and brutal depictions of abuse and harrasment, Criterion is finally giving the film a worthy package. There is currently a barebones release of the theatrical version of the film, but Criterion is unleashing the uncut version in Anamorphic Widescreen, with remastered audio, an isolated score track, TV spots, Trailers, video interviews with cast and crew, behind the scenes footage with star Dustin Hoffman, and an audio commentary from Film scholar Stephen Prince. Look for this one come March 11.

Also from the Big C, comes Lasse Halstrom’s 1986 international breakthrough film, MY LIFE AS A DOG. This version will feature a newly remastered Anamorphic Widescreen transfer, a video interview with Hallstrom, an essay entitled “Reflections on MY LIFE AS A DOG” by Kurt Vonnegut Jr., the 1973 45 minute short SHALL WE GO TO MY PLACE OR YOUR PLACE OR EACH GO HOME ALONE? And the original Swedish and International Theatrical trailers. March 18.

Warner Home Video has the recent weeper WHITE OLEANDER on deck for March 11. Available seperately in Anamorphic Wide or Fullscreen, the discs will feature 5.1 DDS, audio commentary, 2 featurettes, trailers and DVD-Rom material, not to mention Renee Zellweger…

Speaking of the lovely and talented Ms. Zellweger, the good folks at WB are finally going to give us fans a Special Edition of the cult fave EMPIRE RECORDS. On June 3, look for EMPIRE RECORDS: BOOTLEG CUT – SPECIAL FAN EDITION. This set will include a new, unseen cut of the film, presented in 2.35:1 AW, with 5.1 DDS sound, audio commentary from director Allan Moyle, trailers and some rare music vids. Welcome to MusicTown, may I service you?

Universal is heading into the vaults for their upcoming releases with an April 1 line-up including Truffaut’s FAHRENHEIT 451, new ‘Special Editions’ of THE BREAKFAST CLUB, SIXTEEN CANDLES, WEIRD SCIENCE and 70’s proto-freak out THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN. Also look for the unfortunate LEGAL EAGLES and Big Bad John Belushi in CONTINENTAL DIVIDE. Also on April 1, Uni has a whack of new price reductions on faves like ALWAYS, THE WIZ, AMERICAN GRAFFITI, THE MAN WHO WASN’T THERE, MULHOLLAND DRIVE, REALITY BITES, MONSOON WEDDING, BRAZIL, *BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED, THE LAST STARFIGHTER and XANADU.

BBC Home Video is readying a release of the landmark Dennis Potter mini-series THE SINGING DETECTIVE on April 15. The 3-disc set will include the entire series in the original 4:3 Fullscreen ratio with original mono sound, 3 featurettes, still gallery and commentary from director Jon Amiel and star Michael Gambon (Who may replace the late Richard Harris as Dumbledore in the next Harry Potter film!). All this just in time to lead into this springs release of the big screen version starring Mel Gibson, Robert Downey Jr. and Carla Gugino…

Finally, for today, from Paramount Home Video, comes news that recent Katie Holmes flop ABANDON will hit the shelves swinging on March 18, in both AW and Fullscreen transfers, with 5.1 DDS sound, audio commentary, featurette, deleted scenes and a trailer.

Also on the 18th from Paramount, look for the straight-to-video JUST A KISS, starring Kyra Sedgewick, Taye Diggs and Ron Eldard in a comedy about marital indescretions. 1.85:1 AW transfer, 5.1 DDS, trailer and commentary track.

Well it’s good to be back in the swing and looking forward to the New Year ahead. Much Love to ya’, and in the words of Mr. Long Duk Dong –

“No more yankie my wankie. The Donger need food!”

Long Live The Donger!!


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