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Matrix Trilogy Box Set Update

If you’re mouth has been watering and you’ve been craving information concerning the upcoming Matrix Trilogy box set that’s in the works we have some mouth watering tidbits for you. Rumors floating around the net suggest this will be a 9-disc box set with The Matrix having 3 discs, The Matrix Reloaded having 3 discs, The Matrix Revolutions will have 2 discs and a final disc for The Animatrix.Also, if your a spawn fan there was a message recently on the message board reporting that none other than Todd McFarlane has been interviewed for the boxset. Here’s a snippet from that post.

Today, in this very office… actually at this very moment, Todd is sitting down to do an interview for the upcoming DVD boxed set of The Matrix Trilogy (scheduled to be released sometime this winter). While I don’t have all of the details regarding Todd’s involvement, I do know that the segment in which he will be appearing revolves around the history of action films…

We will keep you updated as the information poors in.

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