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SIGNS to shelve January 7.
M. Night Shyamalan’s alien invasion thriller SIGNS will be released as a Vista Series edition by Touchstone Home Entertainment. Both of Shyamalan’s previous films – THE SIXTH SENSE and UNBREAKABLE are also available as Vista Series editions. Some of the extras on the two disc set will include:
LOOKING FOR SIGNS – on the writing of the script and story inspirations.
MAKING SIGNS – Commentary by M. Night and members of the crew.
BUILDING SIGNS – Storyboarding and preproduction.
THE EFFECTS OF SIGNS – A dissection of several key effects in the film with a tour of ILM facilities and a look at some of the animatronics employed in the film.
SIGNS: THE MUSIC – James Newton Howard and his score for the film.
FULL CIRCLE: SIGNS – A featurette on advertising and marketing the film.
DELETED SCENES – Graham and Merril; The Dead Bird; Alien in the Attic; The Flashbacks (2 scenes); The Third Story.
STORYREELS: MULTI-ANGLE FEATURES – Animated storyboard scenes, which can be switched to the final cut with the multi-angle feature, as well as with a choice of full sound mix, score only or effects only.
M. NIGHT’S FIRST ALIEN MOVIE – Childhood amateur film by Night with intro.

The Vista Series discs are some of the best studio releases around, so this is one to look for in January.

Warner Brothers Home Entertainment is prepping a new release of the 1978 James Toback mob drama FINGERS, starring Harvey Keitel. The disc will feature commentary from Toback and interviews with Toback and Keitel as well as trailers. November 5.

January 21 will be a good day for the kiddies. Buena Vista has SPY KIDS 2: ISLAND OF LOST DREAMS, featuring Director commentary, deleted scenes, outtakes, stills, art gallery, 3 featurettes, a music video, ‘Spy Kid School’ and DVD-Rom material. Also on the 21st , Buena Vista has 101 DALMATIONS 2: PATCH’S LONDON ADVENTURE and INSPECTOR GADGET 2 on deck.

Universal has the summer hit THE BOURNE IDENTITY in separate pan n’ scan and widescreen editions with DTS and DDS sound mixes, commentary with Matt Damon and director Doug Liman, behind the scenes featurette, deleted scenes, a Moby video and an alternate ending. Also January 21.

On January 14, Universal has two more summer hotshots on the way, both will feature separate Widescreen and Fullscreen releases with DTS and DDS sound. BLUE CRUSH will also feature a Lenny Kravitz video, director comentary, three featurettes and deleted scenes. UNDERCOVER BROTHER will come with a Snoop Dogg video, a featurette, commentary tracks and deleted scenes.

December 17 marks the spot for fans of Kevin Smith. Columbia Tristar will release AN EVENING WITH KEVIN SMITH – a collection of Q&A sessions from Smith’s lecture tour at five U.S. Universities.

Fox Home Video is getting ready for another Buffy box, with the January 7 release of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON, with features including commentaries, interviews, scripts, effects spots and featurettes. Also on January 7, look for the release of THE SHIELD: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON with featurettes, auditions, deleted scenes and commentary.

Kino International has announced a new slate of upcoming classics for release:
November 19 look for the Fritz Lang films SIEGFRIED and KRIEMHILD’S REVENGE.
November 26 it’s THE BEST OF D.W. GRIFFITH
December 3 will see the release of the compilation ART & PHOTOGRAPHY
And January 14 – ASIAN CINEMA ON DVD.

Columbia Tristar has more on the way for January, starting with the controversial indie LAST SUPPER as well as SECRET BALLOT, BROTHER JOHN and MATING HABITS OF THE EARTHBOUND HUMAN – all four will hit the streets January 7.

MPI has 1988’s miniseries WAR AND REMEMBERANCE on October 29, in a 6 disc set, including the 16 hour (!!!) feature, as well as the do*censored*entaries THE MAKING OF WAR AND REMEMBERANCE and WAR AND REMEMBERANCE: A LIVING HISTORY and interviews with the novelist Herman Wouk and cast members including Robert Mitchum and Jane Seymour.

Steven Spielberg reportedly ratted out Universal and their reluctance to include the 1982 version of E.T. THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL in the DVD set to hit stores next week. Spielberg apparently insisted on the inclusion of the original version and while it is definitely included in the 3 disc collectors set, some reports also have it included in the more affordable 2 disc version as well.

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