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DVD News for the Thurs-day!

Dreamworks SKG Home Entertainment has announced a December 17th release for Steven Spielberg’s summer blockbuster MINORITY REPORT.
The film will be available in separate Fullscreen and AW transfers, both containing audio in both 5.1 DDS and DTS. Extras will include featurettes, still galleries, cast and crew filmographies, production notes, TV spots and theatrical trailers.

A&E will release a DVD version of it’s popular recent telefilm THE LATHE OF HEAVEN based on the novel by Ursula K. LeGuin. James Caan and Lucas Haas star in the film, which is set in the near future and follows the story of a man whose dreams can change reality. The disc will feature a widescreen transfer and will contain unaired footage, as well as extras including a 25 minute featurette, cast and crew filmographies and more. Pick it up October 29.

Haven’t had enough of the summer’s omnipresent reality brainsucker AMERICAN IDOL??
Then you’re in luck! AMERICAN IDOL: THE SEARCH FOR A SUPERSTAR comes to fans everywhere in the form of a limited collectors edition DVD package this October. The set will include ‘deluxe’ packaging, photos, collectible booklet and a ‘thank-you’ gift. Details on the actual contents have not yet been released. But who are we kidding, people are going to buy this anyway, so you can pick it up on the AMERICAN IDOL website on October 1, or October 15 in stores.

Paramount is readying itself against the anger of late-night couch potatoes everywhere, after canceling the release of THE HISTORY OF BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD, which was supposed to hit stores NEXT WEEK!!! No word as to why it has been cancelled, but apathetic teenage boys are said to be ‘agitated to the point of movement’.

How the world does turn… On a slightly off-topic note…
CBS has picked up MY BIG FAT GREEK FAMILY as a midseason replacement show, after summarily turning down the pilot last spring. FAMILY is basically the continuing story of the characters from this summers indie supersmash MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING. Now that that film is on route to becoming one of the most profitable of all time, CBS has changed their minds. The pilot was shot with a different actor in the part of creator-star Nia Vardalos’ husband, but negotiations are underway to bring John Corbett, who plays the part in the film, to the cast of the TV show.

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