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News for Monday the 29 of July

“I heard you were dead!”

“We got everything here from a diddle-eye jo to a damned if I know”

“Hit me as hard as you can”

“It’s all in the reflexes”

“Asps, very dangerous – You go first”

MGM will finally release a Special Edition set for ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK.
It will be released in January, and details are stil sketchy – but the set will definitely include the trailers, commentary with Kurt Russell and John Carpenter (from the Laserdisc version) and the ENTIRE deleted intro to the film, wherein Snake Plissken robs the National Reserve bank and is chased down in the subway before being arrested. The scenes were removed from the film for time issues, and snippets have been seen in various do*censored*entaries and interviews on other editions of the film, but it has never been shown in it’s entirety.

Speaking of Special Edition sets…
Carrying on with the Special Edition treatments of the Tarantino films (RESERVOIR DOGS, PULP FICTION and JACKIE BROWN all have S.E. 2-discers due in August) the WB will release a 2-disc Special Edition of TRUE ROMANCE, the Tony Scott film of Tarantino’s first produced script.

Disc 1 will feature 3 commentary tracks – One with Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette, one with Tony Scott and one with Tarantino. Also on Disc 1 will be an “innovative Storyboard track”

Disc 2 will feature 30+ minutes of deleted scenes with director commentary, an alternate ending with commentaries, Interactive BTS multi-angle featurette, Animated publicity and photo galleries, a 1993 production featurette, trailers and tv spots, filmographies and DVD-Rom content.
TRUE ROMANCE S.E. will hit stores September 24, 2002.

Corona’s Test Pattern was the first to send out the warning, and we are dutifully carrying the message…

If you haven’t picked up the 2-discers of FIGHT CLUB or BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, you have about a month before the discs are officially OUT OF PRINT!!!

AICN has posted the vague rumor that “highly placed sources” have revealed that the entire INDIANA JONES TRILOGY will be released on DVD for Christmas 2003.

As the sun sets slowly in the west we bid you a fond farewell….

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