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Allright kiddies and kiddarinas!!!

Here is your Friday fun-o-licious frijole fest!!!

Let’s talk about JIMI HENDRIX and NEIL YOUNG…maybe a little MST3K for your weekend?


Buena Vista is prepping HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION for release on December 10.
The package will include an AW transfer, Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 sound mixes, as well as audio commentary, deleted scenes, “Dangertainment” footage and trailers.

1979 Neil Young concert film RUST NEVER SLEEPS will be released on DVD September 24th from Sanctuary Home Video.
The concert, filmed on October 22, 1978 in San Francisco, is considered one of the greatest concerts of Rock history. The film will be presented in 5.1 DDS and 5.1 DTS and will also feature the original theatrical trailer and photo galleries.

In other classic-rock concert news…
Those masters of discology at Criterion have announced another gem for their crown of preeminence.
THE COMPLETE MONTEREY POP COLLECTION will be released on November 17 as a new 3-disc set, featuring 2 HOURS of additional concert footage from the 60’s musicfest. Extras will include audio commentaries and audio and video commentaries featuring such legends as John Phillips, Cass Elliot, David Crosby and Jimi Hendrix. Also look for still galleries, liner notes, trailers and Criterion’s usual superb packaging.

Artisan has finally released details on its upcoming Special Edition of GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS.
The 2-disc set will have both AW and Pan n’ Scan transfers, DDS and DTS 5.1 sound mixes, audio commentary with James Foley, a “Real Estate Scams” Doc-u-mentary, a Jack Lemmon tribute, interviews, trailers and still galleries. The jig is up on November 19.

Artisan has relayed the news that STARGATE: THE ULTIMATE EDITION, previously scheduled for October, will be delayed. A new release date should be scheduled soon…

20th Century Fox has announced that, in addition to the fullscreen and widescreen releases of STAR WARS: ATTACK OF THE CLONES, they will also release a bundled package of CLONES with THE PHANTOM MENACE. No details on whether the full 2-disc sets will be included or just the films.

Columbia has announced a release date of November 10 for STUART LITTLE 2. No details have been released yet.

The hepcats at Rhino have just announced three new box-sets that are sure to have fanboys-a-rockin’.
TRANSFORMERS: SEASON 2, PART 1 will collect the first 24 episodes of the second season. No extras or release date have been announced, but Rhino has also stated that there will be much more Decepticon fun to come in 2003.

GIGANTOR BOX ONE will deliver us from destruction on October 22. The four-disc set will include the first 26 numerically ordered episodes, uncut, with extras including commentaries, still galleries, art and interviews with creator Fred Ladd.

Last, but certainly not least, is MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATRE 3000: COLLECTION ONE. Finally, no more film by film purchasing!!! Featuring the top fan-requested episodes THE CREEPING TERROR, SKYDIVERS, BLOODLUST, and CATALINA CAPER, three trailers and four other feature films without MST3K commentary. Watch the skies November 17.

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