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Price drops!!

Classics finally coming to your screen!!

Crocs, and boxers and Micheal Myers! OH MY!

Columbia Tristar has the 1972 John Huston boxing classic FAT CITY on deck for December 10.
FAT CITY stars a young Jeff Bridges and Stacy Keach in a story that explores the seedy underbelly of amateur boxing. The disc will feature no extras, but is being billed as a ‘fully-restored’ version and will have a new anamorphic transfer. Also on December 10, Columbia Tristar will release the 86’ Kevin Bacon epic QUICKSILVER about a downtrodden stockbroker who becomes a bike messenger and leads his fellow couriers to revolt. Also no extras, with a full frame transfer.

Also from Columbia Tristar, look for international indie hit, MY WIFE IS AN ACTRESS, a romantic comedy about a man’s struggle with his wife’s fame and his efforts to keep her away from a casanova costar. The film will feature the original French audio with English subtitles available. Anamorphic widescreen transfer, audio commentary and a making of featurette will be included as well as deleted scenes and trailers. December 10.

Buena Vista Home Video has HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION ready for Christmas cheer on December 10 (Busy day?!)
Features will include director and editor commentary, behind-the-scenes with Jamie Lee Curtis, 2 featurettes, deleted scenes, storyboards, stills and a ‘web-cam’ multi-angle feature.

Sergei Bondarchuk’s 1968 Academy award winning KULTUR will come to DVD on November 26 in a three-disc set that holds the film in it’s entirety at 390 mins (!) Many consider this to be the finest film adaptation of Tolstoy’s WAR AND PEACE – even if it’s not, it’s most definitely the longest.

Remember that monstrous CITIZEN KANE package coming from Creative Design? Well WB has also licensed the company to big-box another of its classics… THE PRINCE AND THE SHOWGIRL is also coming and in addition to the fine film starring Laurence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe, look for the package to include the doc-u-mentary THE LEGEND OF MARILYN MONROE, a poster, film frame and collectible booklet. October 29.

Our good friends at Fox have announced three new titles for the new Fox Studio Classics label, all set for a January 14 release.
ALL ABOUT EVE will be presented in a new, restored 1.37:1 transfer and will feature such extras as audio commentary, Promotional spots with Bette Davis and Anne Baxter, Movie-Tone News segments on EVE’s Oscar achievements and gala premiere, vintage newsreels, trailers, the complete screenplay and a restoration comparison featurette.

HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY is also a newly restored 1.37:1 transfer, also featuring commentaries, screenplay and trailers, as well as a still gallery and an audio commentary by screen legend Maureen O’Hara.

Last, but not least, GENTLEMAN’S AGREEMENT is also presented in a 1.37:1 ratio, with features including a still gallery, screenplay, trailers and an audio commentary featuring Gregory Peck and Elia Kazan.

On December 10 (Again!) New Line Home Video will release the John Waters camp-fest HAIRSPRAY. This is the same disc that was previously available in the John Waters 2-pack, but now you can purchase it separately. Features include audio commentary by Waters and Ricki Lake, filmographies and trailers. The film is presented in a 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer with Dolby 5.1 and 2.0 soundtracks.

Indie alert! Three critically acclaimed but little seen flicks are headed your way on (yep, you guessed it!) December 10. CHERISH with Robin Tunney, HUMAN NATURE from the writer of BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, and THE INVISIBLE CIRCUS starring Cameron Diaz will all hit shelves on that infamous day in December with Anamorphic transfers, 5.1 and 2.0 audio, trailers and more.

That crazy ‘moron from down under’ is ready to give fans a taste of the funny stuff on DVD on (wait for it…) December 17. (Gotcha!)
THE CROCODILE HUNTER: COLLISION COURSE will be a fully-loaded MGM ‘Special Edition’ featuring featurettes, deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes footage, interactive games, still galleries, music video, trailers and a ‘pop-up croc’ subtitle factoid track. All this and both widescreen and fullscreen anamorphic transfers and 5.1 DDS.

MGM has also unveiled its Valentine’s Day promo for 2003. On January 7 a new spate of romantic catalogue titles hit the streets – including MYSTERY DATE, SECRET ADMIRER, MAKING MR.RIGHT, SUMMER LOVERS, THE WOMAN IN RED, TRUE LOVE, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, TUNE IN TOMORROW and MUSIC FROM ANOTHER ROOM. All of these titles are anamorphic transfers and extras are limited to trailers.

Also look for the loveliest day of the year to incite price-drops galore with many current MGM titles dropping to U.S. – These include BORN ROMANTIC, CHINA MOON, CARRINGTON, MARIA’S LOVERS, BOXING HELENA, JUST THE TICKET, FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL, MYSTIC PIZZA, WHEN HARRY MET SALLY, the Richard Gere version of BREATHLESS and both versions of THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR. THE PRINCESS BRIDE and LEGALLY BLONDE will also have newly reduced prices.

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