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Russell Crowe wears Wonder Woman Underoos!!

Just getting your attention!

While he may not wear magic lassoo’s on his ace, Now you can see him in musical action without paying five thousand dollars… or getting punched in the face…

And CRITERION gives us the goods yet again!!

READ ON! If you dare….

While no details have been disclosed, George Lucas and Producer Rick McCallum have announced that THE YOUNG INDIANA JONES CHRONICLES will be coming to DVD sometime in the unforseeable future. McCallum has mentioned plans for staying true to the “historical” aspect of the series by including do*censored*entaries on each historical figure or event involved in each episode. For those who don’t remember the groundbreaking series, not only was it a practical labaratory for Lucasfilm to work out their new digital effects and film technique prior to filming STAR WARS EPISODE 1: THE PHANTOM MENACE, but it was also an arena for education. Each episode featured either a ten or a seventeen year-old Indiana Jones, finding himself mixed up in actual historical events and interacting with significant historical figures. Great efforts were taken to ensure that the show would be as close to the historical record as possible, merely adding Indy in as a not-so-silent observer. Rest assured, we will follow up with details on this when they become available. Bet on sometime around 2005 when INDY 4 is projected to be in post-production.

MGM has announced a new slate of upcoming releases. First up is Ice Cube’s BARBERSHOP. Look for commentary from Cube and director Tim Story, as well as outtakes, deleted scenes, 4 featurettes, a still gallery and a music video. New Years Day.

MGM also has the long-rumored “Special Edition” of Ridley Scott’s 1991 hit THELMA AND LOUISE, with extras including commentary from Scott and stars Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon, four featurettes a still gallery, music video, deleted scenes and an alternate ending (like there could be another ending?).

In the no-frills catalogue department MGM has ROADHOUSE, Mickey Rourke in A PRAYER FOR THE DYING, LARGER THAN LIFE, JOEY, THE BLACK STALLION RETURNS and that Charles Sheen ode to car thievery NO MAN’S LAND. Also on deck are HELLO KITTY GOES TO THE MOVIES, HELLO KITTY SAVES THE DAY and HELLO KITTY BECOMES A PRINCESS. Hoorah!!

If that doesn’t get yer motor running, how about a 6-disc Charles Bronson collection including 10 TO MIDNIGHT, KINJITE, MESSENGER OF DEATH, ASSASSINATION, MURPHY’S LAW and the classic MR. MAJESTYK. Available seperately or in a box.
All of this MGM fun comes your way on February 4.

Warner Brothers recent announcements include the Clint Eastwood flick BLOOD WORK, with features including a featurette and “A Conversation In Spanish With Clint Eastwood, Wanda DeJesus and Paul Rodriguez”” The film will be available in either 2.35:1 Widescreen or a Pan N’ Scan Fullscreen. December 27.

Beating that one to the punch is another WB flick that “underperformed” at the Box Office. December 17 sees the debut of spy vs. spy flick BALLISTIC: ECKS VS. SEVER. This one will feature an Anamorphic Widescreen transfer with 5.1 DDS sound and extras will include an HBO First Look special, an interactive trivia challenge and the trailer.

Warner Music will pop out ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER: LIVE FROM BEIJING on December 3. 35 of the composers tunes will be fetaured on this 2 hour behemoth of a concert appearance. Full frame video and both DDS and DTS 5.1 audio will highlight the magic, while extras include a bio and discography. Two versions will be available. A single disc with the concert video only, and a “Special Edition” which will include an audio CD of the affair.

Paramount Home Video has announced that is is pushing back the release dates of ROMAN HOLIDAY and SUNSET BOULEVARD from November 5 to November 26. THE ITALIAN JOB is still in release limbo indefinitely.

Also delaying releases, Criterion has announced that SOLARIS and CONTEMPT will also be shoved into the November 26 slot.

In other news from the big C, Criterion has announced a trio of classic being given the royal C treatment for a January 21 release date.
Godard’s 1964 classic BANDE A PART comes with a brand new 1.37:1 Fullscreen hi-def transfer and the original French mono audio with English subtitles. Also look for a visual glossary with film clips and still photos, new interviews with Anna Karenina and cinematographer Raoul Coutard, archive interview footage of Godard, behind-the-scenes footage, 2 trailers and the silent comedy LES FAINCES DU PONT MACDONALD.

Julien Duviver’s PEPELE MOKO also comes in 1.37:1 Fullscreen with the original mono sound. Extras include a trailer and excerpts from interviews with Duviver and from several do*censored*entaries on the film, as well as a comparison between this version and the 1938 American original.

Finally, look for the Ernst Lubitsch gem TROUBLE IN PARADISE also in 1.37:1 Fullscreen and mono sound. This one comes with an introduction by Peter Bogdanovich, commentary by Lub itsch biographer Scott Eyman, a 1940 Screen Guild Theatre radio show featuring Lubitsch, Jack Benny, Claudette Colbert, Basil Rathbone and others, text tributes by greats like Billy Wilder and Cameron Crowe as well as Roger Ebert and Leonard Maltin and a 1917 short by Lubitsch – THE MERRY JAIL.

Columbia Tristar have a few catalogue titles on the way, with WORLD TRAVELER, MAD LOVE with Peter Lorre, SIROCCO, THE HARDER THEY FALL and the Warren Beatty free-love epic SHAMPOO. All are due January 21.

Also on January 21 is the indie flick 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE. Anamorphic Widescreen and 5.1 Surround, 2 commentary tracks, 2 featurettes, a still gallery and trailers highlight the package.

Image Entertainment and 404 Music Group are reportedly releasing a new version of the much sought after live concert video TEXAS by Russell Crowe and his band Thirty-Odd Foot Of Grunts. Copies of the original release go for hundreds and hundreds of dollars to collectors on Ebay, so this would be quite a downer for some people. Extras are said to include outtakes, video clips, a featurette, lyrics, bonus footage from the concert and eater eggs. Listed as a November 19 release.

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