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Santa Still Rules

Tim Allen back on top?

Spooky movies ruling the box-office?

I guess you’ll just have to read on to find out. The Santa Clause 2 had a big opening with the Tim Allen movie opening in first place. The Ring stayed second spot. The Eddie Murphy – Owen Wilson spy comedy, I Spy opened in 3rd and Jackass: The Movie slipped to 3 spots to fourth, and Ghost Ship took the fifth spot.

1. The Santa Clause 2 (29.02m)
2. The Ring (18.49m)
3. I Spy (14.00m)
4. Jackass: The Movie (13.10m)
5. Ghost Ship (6.57m)
6. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (5.62m)
7. Sweet Home Alabama (4.65m)
8. Punch-Drunk Love (4.20m)
9. Red Dragon (2.66m)
10. Brown Sugar (1.70m)

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