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Seinfeld Hits DVD

That show about nothing is about to be something. After many years of negotiation and planning as well as public demand – Seinfeld is finally making its debut on DVD.To find out about the details venture on. Otherwise as the Soup Nazi might say – No DVD For You!!!

**UPDATE – Artwork Now Added****NEW UPDATE – DVD Trailer links now added**
Making its debut through Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, Seinfeld will offer fans the first 3 seasons with goodies and incentives that take the focus off of non-stop TV re-runs and place the emphasis on everyone’s favourite spinning disc. Available in two different volumes on November 23rd for $49.95 each, Volume 1 will feature all 18 episodes of Season’s One and Season Two spread over 4 DVD’s while Volume 2 will also feature 4 DVD’s containing the 22 episodes of Season Three. All the episodes are the full length NBC broadcast versions which are longer then the current re-runs playing on TV.On each volume, expect the following nifty extra’s:

  • New video transfers from a remastered High Definition source
  • Two different versions of the pilot episode
  • Inside Looks: Interviews with the cast and creators
  • Yada Yada Yada: Cast audio commentaries
  • In The Vault: Deleted Scenes
  • Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That: Outtakes and Bloopers
  • Master of His Domain: Unused Jerry Seinfeld stand-up comedy
  • Sponsored by Vandelay Industies: Original Promo’s and Trailers
  • Notes About Nothing: Behind-the-Scenes info and Production Notes
  • Exclusive to Volume 1:

  • How It Began: Making-of Documentary
  • Tonight Show Footage
  • Exclusive to Volume 2

  • Kramer vs Kramer: Kenny to Cosmo: Meet Kenny Kramer
  • Oh!, but thats not all my friends. By combining the two volumes Columbia is offering a Seinfeld Giftset for $119.95 and ontop of the above extra’s you can expect a limited edition script with notes handwritten by co-creator Larry David, salt and pepper shakers from the shows popular “Monk’s Diner” and collectable playing cards.Phew… After all that, there must have been something to the nothing afterall.Seinfeld DVD Trailers:Media PlayerHigh ResolutionLow ResolutionReal PlayerHigh ResolutionLow ResolutionQuicktimeHigh ResolutionLow Resolution

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