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The 2-disc special edition DVD of SPIDER-MAN will hit stores November 1st of this year with a marketing campaign valued at close to 100 million. Here is an official list of features to be included on the discs: DISC ONE

  • Audio: English & French 5.1 (Dolby Digital)
  • Subtitles: English, French & Spanish
  • Subtitled Factoids “Weaving the Web”: Pop-On Production Notes & Historical Facts
  • Commentary: Sam Raimi (director), Laura Ziskin (producer), Kirsten Dunst & Grant Curtis (co-producer)
  • SFX Commentary: John Dykstra (special effects designer) & Visual Effects Crew
  • Branching Web-i-sodes (access via Spider-Sense)
  • Marketing Campaigns: Trailers & TV Spots
  • Filmographies & Character Files
  • Music Videos: Chad Kroeger featuring Josey Scott, “Hero” & Sum 41, “What We’re All About”
  • DVD-ROM: Comic/Feature Comparison; Record Your Own Commentary; Countdown to Spider-Man 2; Weblinks


  • HBO Making of Spider-Man
  • “Spider-Mania”: an E! Entertainment Special
  • Director Profile: Sam Raimi
  • Composer Profile: Danny Elfman
  • Screen Tests: Tobey Maguire, J.K. Simmons & CGI Spider-Man
  • Costume and Makeup Tests
  • Gag/Outtake Reel
  • Conceptual Art & Production Design Gallery
  • Historical Do*censored*entary – Spider-Man: The Mythology of the 21st Century
  • The Spider-Man Comic Book Archives
  • Rogues Gallery
  • The Loves of Peter Parker
  • Comic Book Artist Pin-Up Gallery
  • Activision Game: Hints & Tips
  • DVD-ROM: Activision Game (two playable levels for PC); three exclusive Marvel dot.comics (Spider-Man: Blue #1, Black Cat #1, & Peter Parker: Return of the Goblin); Spider-Man: Visualizer

    I’m sure Columbia is hoping to outsell it’s own MIB and Disney’s LION KING to have SPIDERMAN become the biggest selling DVD of all time. They plan to spend upwards of 100 Million to promote the set.

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