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Our Fearless leader has once again fallen prey to the evils of technological ghosts in the machine…

Shane is having PC issues and will be back in Bidness ASAP.

Read on for the Patriotic version…(please hum the Battle Hymn of the Republic softly, beneath your breath)

El Capitan, The Chief, A-Number 1, The Big Shane-O –
O Captain, our Captain, has been beset once again, by the Gremlins of the PC age.

We must not lose faith, we must not fear the uncertain futures before us…We must not let these dark days drive our souls to the depths of despair. The Eye will rise again, and reclaim it’s place among the pantheon of greatness.

Our Commander-in-Disc will return and lead us into victory…

Let our spirits waver not, and let our mighty DVD flags fly unfurled atop the highest masts, to show the world our solidarity in the face of this crisis.

Shane is having computer problems and is working day and night to rectify the situation.

We here at the Eye will continue to post news and opine on the state of the DVD world in his, hopefully, short absence.

New disc reviews may be delayed, but we will try to maintain buisiness as usual here in the outer reaches of webdom.

Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!!

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