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Well now, it seems owners of the original massive Oliver Stone Collection have been vindicated from the possible grief associated with a new release.To find out why and what to expect from the new set, clicky-clicky… Well, it seems the confusion and speculation from our earlier story can be put to rest. has details on the new edition of the box set and it seems that the last one was probably a better own. The reason that the set will be half the price as the original is because it only has a fraction of the bonus material.The set will be 14 discs. On the 14 discs will be 16 individual Oliver Stone titles. To make sense of the math that obviously doesnt immediately add up is simple. There will be NO DOUBLE DISC SETS INCLUDED! All previous double disc titles – JFK, NIXON, Any Given Sunday and The Doors will be the first disc of the two disc set only! Therefore, expect no more then an audio commentary on those titles. The content on the rest of the titles listed in our previous story should still apply, although there is still no mention of NIXON being the director’s cut and it may be the movie-only release.The movies included will indeed be:

  • Salvador: Special Edition
  • Platoon: Special Edition
  • Wall Street
  • Talk Radio
  • Born on the Fourth of July
  • The Doors
  • JFK Special Edition Director’s Cut
  • Heaven and Earth
  • Natural Born Killers
  • Nixon
  • U-Turn
  • Any Given Sunday Special Edition Director’s CutDisc 13 will be the same bonus disc that appeard in the last Oliver Stone Collection – Oliver Stone’s America. Disc 14 will contain BOTH the Persona Non Grata and Looking for Fidel documentaries. There will also be a documentary on the disc entitled On the Set of Alexander chronicling the making of that upcoming motion picture.The set will be released on October 19th for $129.92 – it’s safe to say that if you already have the massive box set there is no need to upgrade. If you do not, love Oliver Stone and don’t mind the loss of the extensive bonus material on his biggest movies $130 is pretty good for 16 movie and documentary titles.

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