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Well, here we are…
Tuesday once again…
A new month beginning…
And that much closer to the Season of giving…

Better keep your Eye on these NEW RELEASES FOR NOVEMBER 5…

 All Monsters Attack
 Babylon 5: The Complete First Season (6-disc set)
 Band of Brothers (6-disc set)
 Barenaked Ladies: Barelaked Nadies
 Beast of Blood
 David Bowie: Best of Bowie
 Blood of the Vampires
 Conversation with an Alien
 Counsellor at Law
 The Cult: Live Cult: Music Without Fear
 Curb Dogs: Freestyle #1
 Curb Dogs: Freestyle #2
 The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys
 The Dead Zone (2002)
 Death Factory
 The Decameron
 Directed By William Wyler/ The Love Trap
 Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
 Dog Soldiers: Special Edition
 Eric Clapton: One More Car, One More Rider
 Eugenie: The Story of Her Journey into Perversion
 Felicity: Season One
 Fingers
 Fraternity
 Garage: The Collection
 The Good Fairy
 A Great Wall is a Great Wall
 Hairspray: Special Edition
 Hawk the Slayer
 Honeybee
 Houseboat
 How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Special Edition (2-disc set)
 Legion of the Dead
 Madame Bovary (1991)
 Making The Misfits
 Marquis De Sade’s Justine
 Miguel Bose: Los Videos
 My Father’s Glory
 My Mother’s Castle
 My So Called Life Box Set
 Once and Again: Season One
 P.O.D.: Still Payin’ Dues
 The Piano Teacher
 The Powerpuff Girls Movie
 Pumpkin
 Reign in Darkness
 Return to the Blue Lagoon
 SpongeBob SquarePants: Sea Stories
 Sports Night: The Complete Series
 Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season Five
 To Catch a Thief
 Too Beautiful for You
 Toy Soldiers
 Voodoo Tailz
 Tha Westside
 Widespread Panic: The Earth Will Swallow You: Special Edition
 The X-Files: Season Six

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