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Sweet Home has the Charm Over the Weekend

Sweet Home Alabama took home the cake this weekend opening in top stop. Jackie Chan’s latest, The Tuxedo, opened in second. While Barbershop slipped two spots to third. The ever impressive My Big Fat Greek Wedding is still doing well placing in the fourth spot over the weekend. The Banger Sisters rounded out the top five. Check out how the rest played out. 1. Sweet Home Alabama (37.47m)
2. The Tuxedo (15.13m)
3. Barbershop (10.10m)
4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (9.77m)
5. The Banger Sisters (5.42m)
6. The Four Feathers (3.63m)
7. One Hour Photo (3.00m)
8. Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever (2.67m)
9. Signs (2.33m)
10. Swimfan (1.52m)

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