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syadsendew news (That’s ‘wednesdays’ backwards)

There are only two things I hate; those who are intolerant of other people’s cultures……..and the Dutch.


Put em’ all together, and what do you get?

An ‘adult’ film about a gilded johnson invading a ripe melon?

New Line Home Entertainment is about to swing again, as they prepare for the December 3 release of AUSTIN POWERS IN GOLDMEMBER. This summer’s smashing sequel will be released as an Infinifilm title with a boatload of mojo-rific extras, but full details will not be released until late next week.

MGM is readying it’s art-house oddity PUMPKIN for a November 5 release date. The pic deals with a sorority b*tch (Christina Ricci) who unwittingly falls for a handicapped discus thrower, much to the scorn of her stuck-up friends and relations. The DVD will feature both Anamorphic Widescreen and Fullscreen transfers and a 5.1 Dolby Digital audio track, but extras will be limited to a trailer.

SERPICO baby!!!
At long last, SERPICO – the seminal 1973 cop drama, starring Al Pacino – will find it’s way to DVD on December 3 (Just in time to stuff in someones eeevil xmas stocking). The film will be presented in an AW transfer with 5.1 DDS and original mono soundtracks. Extras will include Director’s commentary with Sidney Lumet, 3 featurettes, a theatrical trailer and a photo gallery.

Dreamworks has announced details for it’s upcoming release of MINORITY REPORT. Separate Widescreen and Full screen releases will be available with DTS and DDS soundtracks, several doc-u-mentaries, interviews with Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise, Production notes, storyboards, etc.
Everybody runs to the video store… December 17.

All of you Vin Deisel fans can rejoice, XXX will punch your DVD players in the nuts on December 31. A nice little New Years gift for the ol’ Fearless Leader…

Also on the way from Columbia Tristar in December are BUYING THE COW, INNOCENCE, a two-disc version of AN EVENING WITH KEVIN SMITH and three new Superbit titles in RESIDENT EVIL, HEAVY METAL 2000 and TOMMY with the usual Superbit deal – AW transfer 5.1 DTS and DDS sound and no extras.

HBO has OZ: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON on deck for a January 7 release. As with the original season set, all 8 season 2 episodes will be presented in 4:3 full screen with 5.1 DDS audio. Also look for extras like “The Museum of Television and Radio Seminar Series: OZ”, audio commentaries with numerous cast and crew, episode previews, season recaps and previews bios and, rumor has it, a few easter eggs.

20th Century Fox has announced a December 17 release date for Adrian Lynne’s recent hit UNFAITHFUL, which will be released in separate, yet identical Widescreen and Fullframe editions.

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