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Well, I can’t have you going out Christmas Shopping this weekend without giving you something to look forward to buying for yourself in February…

So here’s a little DVD News to whet yer whistle…

Okay Kids! Let’s start off your weekend right!!
Here’s a whole lotta anouncement from the good folks at Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment.

First up, full deets on that FORMULA 51 Disc we told you about a couple of weeks ago… The high-octane action flick stars Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Carlyle and Emily Mortimer and is directed by popular Hong Kong director Ronny Yu. Look for remastered 5.1 DDS audio, both Anamorphic Widescreen and Fullscreen presentations, bonus trailers and the Cinemax special THE MAKING OF FORMULA 51. All this is yours, come February 4.

Also on February 4, check out the crazed mutant fly movie INFESTED: INVASION OF THE KILLER BUGS, starring Amy Jo Johnson, Lisa Ann Hadley and Jack Mulcahy from THE BROTHERS MCMULLEN. This one follows a group of friends at a vacation getaway who suddenly find themselves dinner for a swarm of mutated flies that crave the flesh of the living human!! 2.0 Dolby Surround Stereo, Widescreen presentation and Bonus trailers as extras.

In other Nature-Eats-Man news, the early James Cameron flick PIRANHA II: THE SPAWNING hits DVD shelves on January 28. Starring Lance Henriksen and Tricia O’Neal, this 80’s cult hit follows a scuba instructor and her man as they try to convince a resort manager to close up shop, when they discover mutant flying Piranhas. This one has remastered audio and Fullscreen video, with bonus trailers as extras.

Also on January 28, look for the Straight-to-Video Steven Seagal actioner THE FOREIGNER, which has the Ponytailed One starring as a Secret Agent for hire (?). 5.1 DDS audio and an Anamorphic Widescreen transfer are complimented by trailers.

Also in the schlocky action vein, is the 80’s classic BAND OF THE HAND, from Producer Micheal Mann and Director Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky!). Starring Mann faveorite Stephen Lang, and a very young Lauren Holly, the flick deals with a ragtag bunch of hooligans who are sentenced to a halfway house program deep in the Florida Everglades and run by an anti-social Native American Vietnam vet who trains them in the ways of the warrior, so that they can face off with a drug kingpin and prove their own worth. Remastered audio and a Fullscreen transfer with bonus trailers to boot. This one bows respectfully, on January 28.

James Caan and Jonathon Schaech star in BLOOD CRIME, a murder mystery set in small town, middle America. Fullscreen with trailers, January 28.

And finally, in CTHE news, the one that makes my week…
The magnificent, Oscar-nominated 30’s musical comedy PENNIES FROM HEAVEN, starring Bing Crosby, also debuts January 28. Der Bingle plays a man who is falsely imprisoned and meets a Death Row inmate, who asks him a favor. When Bing gets out, he is to help the family of the man the inmate killed. They are all to move into the inmate’s palatial family estate, which just might be haunted. Look for remastered video and sound, with a Fullscreen presentation in the original aspect ratio, with trailers as the only extra.

In other news…
Trimark has the recent controversial flick THE RULES OF ATTRACTION, based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis, scheduled for February 18. This one comes stacked, with a 1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen transfer, 5.1 DDS sound and a multitude of extras, including “revolving door” commentaries by Cast and Crew, a preview of director Roger Avary’s next film, GLITTERATI, trailers, TV spots and an “Anatomy Of A Scene” featurette.

Expert genre house Image Entertainment has just announced a new batch of Cult hits and music Discs. On February 11, look for THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME, MIND SNATCHERS and the 1973 version of THE GLASS MENAGERIE. February 18 is a big day, with TIME TRAVELLER, THE RETURN OF SWAMP THING: SPECIAL EDITION, EDIE & PEN, THE ISLAND OF DEATH and DVD’s in the ROCK MASTERS series, for AC/DC and THE CURE. February 25 rounds out the month with BLOODY DEAD, RAIDERS OF THE LIVING DEAD and THE TWILIGHT ZONE COLLECTION #5. For more details, check out IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT here – CLICKETY CLICKETY

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