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FEMALES OF THE WORLD!!! HEAR OUR CALL!!!EYECRAVEDVD IS STILL HIRING AND WE NEED YOU!!!And we are desperately searching for a couple of members of the opposite gender to get a Womans perspective on the world of DVD…We need a few more good people to fill out the EYECRAVEDVD Review team, Male or Female, with an insatiable love of Film, and all things DVD…Read on for details, and maybe take your first step to a slightly more exciting life of Fame, Fortune and free DVD’s… We here at EYECRAVEDVD are looking for the best and the brightest – to aid us in our quest to provide the world with concise, and lovingly prepared, DVD reviews…We offer absolutely NO benefits, NO remuneration, and NO promise of wealth and fame.What we do have, for the few, the brave, the irrepressably spunky – is the chance to have your reviews printed here – at EYECRAVEDVD, where the love is in the sauce!We are looking for DVD Reviewers to fill out the crew here at EYECRAVEDVD. People who can watch movies! People who can write!We are also putting out a plea to the Ladies, we need your input…We are just a lowly conglomeration of male opinions, screaming out for a counterpoint…Sign up, shout out your DVD opinions, keep us in our places…If you still think that you have the ‘stomach’ to be a hardcore DVD journalist, contact us anyways! – email the Big Man, Shane-O-Mac, with a sample review and all of your personal info. Those accepted will receive VIP status here at ECDVD headquarters, will see their reviews in print, and will occasionally receive screening copies to review and add to their own collection…There is no gaurantee as to the number, frequency or selection of screeners – they are distributed as we receive them, in no particular pattern. If you prove adept at reviewing certain types of films, or have a love for a certain genre, let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate your passions.—————–* Side note from ShaneIf you’d seriously like to be considered you must have, at least, the following setup for your home theatre system:

  • Dolby Digital/DTS capable receiver
  • Surround speakers (5.1)
  • Subwoofer
  • At least a 27″ TV w/S-video inputs——————Send emails to And please include the following information:- Name- Email Address- Mailing Address- Phone number with area code- Your home theatre system- A short autobiography telling us who you are and why you want to be involved with ECDVD- Your sample review of any film we have not already reviewed, in the standard ECDVD format as laid out below (or refer to any of the existing reviews). Please submit this in MSWord format if at all possible. THE ECDVD REVIEW FORMAT – TITLE: Title of the film and year of it’s initial or theatrical release- STUDIO: Name of the studio that releases the DVD- STARRING: Names of the featured performers- DIRECTED: Name of the director- RATED: US or Canadian rating for the DVD- RUNTIME: The total running time of the feature- BACK COVER: Copy of the synopsis of the film as wriiten on the back of the DVD package by the studioFOR EACH OF THE FOLLOWING CATEGORIES ADD A SCORE OUT OF 10 TO REFLECT YOUR REVIEW OF THAT CATEGORY – THIS IS THE CRAVE FACTOR– MOVIE: Your review of the feature. Try to avoid synopsis – try to examine WHY it is or is not a good film. What is appealing or off-putting? How is the acting? The directing? Etc. etc.- MENUS: Describe the appearance of the main menu and list the details of each selection from the main page- SPECIAL FEATURES: Detail the extras included on the DVD. Trailers, featurettes, deleted scenes, etc.- VIDEO: List the Video Specifications of the feature (Aspect ratio and whether it is Anamorphic Widescreen, Widescreen or Fullscreen). Detail what was good or not so good about the Video quality of the feature. How was the transfer? How is the cinematography? Etc. etc.- AUDIO: List the Audio Specifications of the feature (Usually number of Channels and Audio type. List any audio tracks that are not commentary tracks. E.G. 5.1 DDS, 6.1 DTS, 2.0 Surround etc.) Examine how the quality of the audio transfer is. Discuss how the sound is used in the film – effects, score, dialogue, etc.- CONCLUSIONS AND FINAL THOUGHTS: Synopsize what you did and didn’t like about the DVD on a whole. Reiterate why you did or did not like the set. Then add your OVERALL CRAVE FACTOR, which is an average of the 5 scores you have given in the other categories. Add any plus or minus comments and your name.Again, please feel free to refer to any of our posted reviews to get an idea of how our reviews are laid out, and email us with any questions. EMAIL AXEL H EMAIL SHANE-O We look forward to hearing from any and all of you, and hope to add some great new talent to the team.Shane MacDonaldFounderEditor-In-ChiefSite AdministratorAxel HowertonNews and Submissions EditorChief DVD Review
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