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We had a little trouble yesterday while attempting to get the site back up and running. I’ve decided to re-open the site. However, the upgrade is not complete. You’ll most likely come to a few pages where everything is all messed up. Mostly the Reviews and Eggs. There are few other links that are messed up too but we’ll get to those.

End of the day everything should be running smoothly.

**UPDATE** All the reviews have been converted. Easter Eggs to come..

**UPDATE 2** Easter Eggs will not be done today – the rest of the site should be functioning. If there are any problems shoot me an e-mail by clicking on my name in the contributed by: or the eject button in the top right corner.

**UPDATE 3** If you select an Easter Egg you’ll probably get a screen full of errors. You’ll still be able to find the egg but it’s in the mess. Please bear with me as I try to finish the conversion. This was suppose to go faster than this. Sorry

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