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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Movie Review

The general consensus is that the last two Pirates movies left us a little flat, especially when compared to the first in the series. However, On Stranger Tides does a good job of recapturing that adventurous feeling that accompanied the first. I don’t believe we’ll ever re-experience that same excitement brought forth by the first.

With a mostly new cast – save for returning Pirate veterans Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, and Kevin McNally – this film sets chase after the fountain of youth. Like the first movie, Sparrow finds himself once again without his ship, and his crew, and still in trouble with the British government. Out to procure a crew, Jack find himself at odds with the pirate all pirates fear… Blackbeard, played by the magnificent Ian McShane.

This fun adventure has zombies (not in the Walking Dead sense, mind you), mermaids, and multitudes of situations that force Jack Sparrow… sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow to think quickly and act even more quirky. Sit back and enjoy the ride mateys.

Crave Factor – 7


Shot with the Red camera, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides looks incredible. If you’re not familiar with the technology it means that the raw footage, much like HDR pictures, was captured digitally which allows a lot of tweaking to be done in post to bring the Pirates world to life.

As such, this is the best looking of the three previous pirates movies. It’s pristine. It’s sharp. It’s vibrant. I have no negative comments what so ever. The environment details in the dark sequences are even visible as opposed to vanishing into the shadow.

Crave Factor – 10


This movie will take your HT system along for the adventure as it tests each and every one of your speakers with it  7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio Track. Each crashing wave, clang of swords, splintering wood, gun shot, explosion, crackle of the fire, scintillating songs of the mermaids are crisps, clear, and engaging.

Then you have the score of Hans Zimmer which caresses your system so delicately yet with purpose. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything wrong with this audio track.

Crave Factor – 10


When compared to Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man’s Chest Blu-ray’s I feel like we’ve been let down with the minute amount of extras. Perhaps, it’s because I cannot access the Second Screen app (no iPad) and the PC launcher was not available at the time of the review.

I find that bloopers reels have lost their appeal. Seeing actors mess up and giggle are no longer funny. So, if you want to take on pirates giggling check out Bloopers of the Caribbean.

If you’ve ever played the Lego video games you know who fun they can be. Well, with the Lego Pirates of the Video game available they’ve added five videos that tell the true tale of Captain Jack Sparrow in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean (5:19).

The audio commentaries are usually very informative. However, in order to suck in the details the commentary needs to be interesting enough to keep going. Thankfully, if you wait long enough Director Rob Marshall and Executive Producer John DeLuca find their stride and begin to share the goods.

There are some other Disney specific items on here including Discover 3D Blu-ray with Timon & Pumba. A digital copy feature, which is odd cause this movie does not come with a digital copy, which does not please me. They also have their Sneak Peek feature.

Overall, I’m disappointed with the amount of extras. I’m hoping once second screen is available for the PC I will be proven wrong.

Crave Factor – 4


Usually for Blu-ray’s I leave the menu out of the equation now. They’re all pretty much the same with nothing fancy, but I felt led to comment on what Disney is doing during their previews when you load the disc.

A menu appears at the bottom of the screen offering you to start the movie right there. Well done Disney.

Crave Factor – N/A

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In my opinion, Walt Disney Home Entertainment truly cares for their properties. You can tell when you look at their Blu-ray product. I’m yet to be disappointed by their audio or video transfers. This time they did let me down a smidgen with the extras. Is it worth spending your hard earned money on? My answer: Yes. It’s welcome addition to Pirates franchise.

Overall Crave Factor

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