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Heavy Rain [ PS3 Review ]

Developer/Co-Developer: Quantic Dream
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date: February 23rd, 2010
Rating: M (Mature)

Heavy RainThe Origami Killer strikes again on the East Coast of the good old US of A.  In this emotionally-charged game you control the action by playing four characters individually throughout various stages of the story.  As you search for the Origami Killer’s newest victim, the plot twists bring to light his deep psychosis.  The game plays out very much like an interactive movie in which each action you make, each interaction with characters affects the outcome of your story.

Early on, you take control of Ethan Mars and begin the search for his son Shaun.  The Origami Killer contacts him by letter and your adventure begins.  Throughout the story you are introduced to the remainder of the playable cast.  Scott Shelby, a retired cop and P.I.; Madison Paige, an undercover journalist; Norman Jayden, an FBI agent.  You are presented with various trials, puzzles and riddles as the Origami Killer leads you along in the hopes of rescuing young Shaun.

As one plays through various scenarios, you are drawn into a visually rich environment in which the shading enriches the gravity of the situation.  The 720dpi graphics are rendered amazingly.  Most notably, Norman’s Added Reality Interface eyeglasses (ARI) showcase the level of detail put into the development of the final product.  I was blown away by how the visual alone drew me deeper into the storyline.

The music and sound effects are on par with the graphic experience.  The musical score is appropriate as each situation/interaction unfolds and the sound effects help immerse you deeper into each environment.  It was interesting to note the changes in the sound produced when striking the same surfaces but in different locations.

The gameplay itself is relatively simple.  There are three difficulty settings to choose from.  If things are getting a bit too challenging you can change the difficulty setting in your options without affecting trophy eligibility.  The Sixaxis© feature of your controller is used for various challenges.

The plot and story development are intricate.  When one considers that there are seven possible endings you realize that a lot of work went into melding that game and storyline.  The game is emotionally charged which makes playing this title not just entertaining but an experience.


As you complete in-game challenges, you will unlock concept art, behind the scenes videos and can earn up to 80 trophies.  The videos and artwork really help you appreciate how much work and attention to detail went into the creation process.

Crave Factor – 9.0
(out of 10)

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