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Something in the Dirt – Toronto After Dark review

It is rare to see a movie in the early months of the year, for it to stick with someone for the remainder of the year, and then to revisit the movie at the end of the year and for it to not only hold its same value and intensity after an insane year of films, but for it to still be in a top ten of the year thus far. Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead have accomplished this feet with the supernatural elements of their time mind bending science fiction thriller, Something in the Dirt. This is one of the rare instances where the less said about a movie the absolute better.

With the aforementioned statement, I think instead of following the traditional format of reviewing a movie, it would best be suited to completely forgo any idea or resemblance of what the plot is. Simply because, anything mentioned past two neighbours John and Levi played respectfully by Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson find themselves in a world of the unusual and investigate the reasoning and causation behind what they’re experiencing, would be a spoiler. Even writing that much feels like I am giving away too much, as there is nothing said or determined that could possibly prepare you for the sheer brilliance that unfolds on screen of this otherworldly film.

The chemistry that is shared between Benson and Moorhead is truly palatable throughout the entirety of Something in the Dirt, it is clear these two collaborators know what they are doing and create this beautiful bond between clear strangers in this film. While it is not their first time co-directing or co-starring in their films together, no one should be surprised by the chemistry they share but somehow it reaches new heights in Something in the Dirt. Literal strangers, who are bonded quiet frankly by nothing, bonding together in the face of sheer curiosity and then hitting speed bumps and having absolute distain for one another. Their chemistry is nothing shy of impeccable and creates a world within of itself to carry this film to spectacular heights.

As well, without trying to spoil anything in the film, it refuses to confine itself to one genre, subgenre or even reality. It constantly bends the borders of everything and anything and keeps audiences on its toes as we try to decipher, what is true, what is fiction and what on earth actually happened. Something in the Dirt defies expectations of what is expected of it, creates a tense nearly uncomfortable atmosphere, and shatters all expectations. Audiences are going to either absolutely love what Benson and Moorhead have created, or be aggravated by its journey. However, if you can allow yourself to sit and stew with this film and allow yourself to get lost in its world, there is no reason not to fall down the rabbit hole and truly discover Something in the Dirt.

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Something in the Dirt – Toronto After Dark review


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