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Interceptor – Review

I went into the Netflix film, Interceptor, knowing exactly what type of movie it was going to be. I knew there would be some hokey moments, some crazy action, and some so-so acting – basically a ‘90s action flick. However, none of those elements prepared me for just how fun a ride Interceptor would be.

Written by first-time director/co-writer Matthew Riley and led by Elsa Pataky (Fast 5) and Luke Bracey (Point Break – 2015) we get 90-plus-minutes of what I can only describe as a film not unlike Under Siege. The film follows a group of mercenaries trying to take down the last line of defence to stop nukes coming from Russia.

JJ (Pataky), a US Army Captain, is re-assigned back to the interceptor rig, when the mercs, disguised as a maintenance crew start to take over the platform. It doesn’t take long for the action to start, and we’re introduced to the antagonist Kessel (Bracey). Thanks to ” never stop fighting ” JJ, things don’t go as planned for the baddies thanks to “never stop fighting” JJ.

Elsa Pataky kicks some butt in this movie. They don’t hold back on the equal fights here. She is kicked, dragged, punched, shot, and smashed off all kinds of things. Luke Bracey’s character is smart, sadistic, and determined. He plays it to perfection. The chemistry and back and forth between these two have outweighed the dialogue they are given.

Despite the predictable nature and mediocre dialogue in this film, it has moments that are just plain fun. As I said at the start, it’s a ‘90s film, not unlike Under Siege, or even Die Hard on the ocean. It’s just missing some smarter dialogue which would have elevated this film to Under Siege levels.

This is the style of film I grew up on. I enjoy these types of movies and I hope to see more 90s-inspired action films in the future.

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Interceptor – Review


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