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Saloum – Fantastic Fest Review

Saloum is a wild trip taking place in Senegal in 2003, the action is intense, the story is captivating, and the twists are never seen coming. While the movie is short in its length, the story and action will linger with its audience much past the films ending. Saloum is a great entry into Jean Luc Herbulot’s filmography, and I cannot wait to see what else he has up his sleeve. There is so much inventiveness in his story telling and direction, as well as the casts performances are captivating and engage the audience into their insane adventure.

There is a group of three mercenaries nicknamed the Hyenas portrayed by Chaka played by Yann Gael, Midnight played by Mentor Ba and Rafa played by Roger Sallah. They’re hired to bring a drug kingpin out of the country with his bounty. Unfortunately, their plane has some issues that cause them to divert from their plan and make an emergency landing in Saloum, Senegal. The hyenas are met with some challenges as they constantly run into issues in Saloum, which add to the high octane thriller.

The beginning of Saloum starts off with absolute insanity as the hyenas are slicing and dicing their way through their enemies. There is so much action and violence in this opening that sets the pace of the entire film, bridging between excessive violence and tense action and a film noir suspense thriller. Saloum packs such a wonderful punch of action, suspense, and thrills that it will make every fan of all genres overjoyed with the final product of incredible magnitude.

The performances in Saloum by the main three cast members are what make the film such an incredible punch. They all deliver top notch performances that capture the suspense, action, and thrills and engage the audience. When the film reveals all its twists and surprises, there is something so much more dark and disturbing laying underneath the main story that will linger with audiences long past the finish. Saloum is an absolute must see for film lovers that packs the heavy punch of heart and action.

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Saloum – Fantastic Fest Review


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