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The Beta Test – Fantastic Fest 2021

What happens when a Hollywood hot shot gets a secret invitation to a no strings attached sexual encounter? What happens when he takes advantage of that invitation and have a mental breakdown over the incident that leads into a word of chaos, infidelity, and terrifying data hacks.

Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe both co-direct, write and star in The Beta Test. It is one of the craziest, wildest, blackest comedies that brings a new level of cringe and joy to the genre. Cummings performance encapsulates the sleazy Hollywood agent stereotype who wants to gain everything he can, even if it’s wrong.

The Beta Test is one of the craziest black comedies I’ve ever seen, where the lead is so unlikable, and you want to watch him suffer due to his character. You cannot look away as he continues to fall apart as he looks for answers. The Beta Test is absolutely bonkers, and batshit crazy, go in as blind as humanly possible and enjoy the madness that unfolds throughout the feature.

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The Beta Test – Fantastic Fest 2021


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