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Titane – Fantastic Fest Review

Titane is one of the most profoundly psychologically messed up and beautiful films I have ever seen. It is nothing shy of unadulterated perfection, that will leave its audience absolutely speechless, a monument in film making and star power that captures beauty in tragedy while also delivering one of the biggest jaw dropping moments in film this year. It is one of those films that you just have to see to understand, after all it won the Palme D’or for a reason.

The movie focuses on Alexia played by Agathe Rousselle who was involved in a horrific car accident as a child and now has a titanium plate on the side of her skull. She is an exotic performer at underground car shows, who refuses to let anyone get in her way or get in her face. After a series of crimes leaves her as a prime suspect, she goes to extreme lengths to go under cover as mans, Vincent Legrand played by Vincent Lindon, missing son to get the police off her scent. However, some weird inexplicable changes start happening to Alexia that she cannot explain and now must mascaraed as Vincent’s son while her body goes through one hell of a transformation.

What makes Titane such an incredible, powerful feature, is the performance that Agathe Rousselle delivers. For this to be her first feature film, and to deliver such an incredibly moving and disturbing performance is truly nothing shy of unbelievable. Her career will know no bounds after Titane, and she proved that she is an absolute force to be reckoned with. I cannot wait to see what Agathe Rousselle has in store for us next, because whatever it is, I am there for it.

The cinematography and direction of Titane are impeccable. Every single cut, shot, and delivery of scene is important and crafted with such precision and care that not a single frame could be removed from this feature. Everything serves a purpose and pops with colour, ambience and meaning that it will leave your jaw on the floor. Nothing is gratuitous, everything serves a purpose and has meaning behind it. Titane is easily one of the year’s best movies full stop, and should be seen as soon as possible.  

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Titane – Fantastic Fest Review


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