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When I Consume You – Review

Sometimes movies with intense drama, creepy elements, and a B horror style to it can either create an excellent thriller, or something that completely misses the mark unfortunately. Perry Blackshear’s When I Consume You falls into the latter. It misses the mark, while delivering some intriguing performances the entire film doesn’t feel that it comes completely together. There are a lot of elements present to create something that could be a tighter film, but there is just something that misses the mark in the completed film.

The film focuses on brother and sister duo, Daphne and Wilson Shaw played by Libby Ewing and Evan Dumouchel respectively. They are both going through the ringer, and have had a hard go at life, with suffering from multiple addictions and going through rehab trying to get clean. Eventually Daphne gets her life together and tries to help Wilson get his life together as well. One night, when Wilson gets home he sees that Daphne has been brutally murdered, and is now on a mission to track down the person or people responsible for killing his sister.

The dynamic that Libby Ewing and Evan Dumouchel share and their chemistry is truly palatable. It is arguably the best part of When I Consume You, as their chemistry just brings everything to the forefront and creates an even more eerie and tense atmosphere. The direction and shooting that Blackshear uses throughout his film also is one of the highs of When I Consume You, as it further creates this tense atmosphere. The use of a micro budget in this film tied with Blackshear’s creativity packs the punch that the film needs to fully consume the audience, even if the delivery of the plot is a slow crawl.

While there is a lot to appreciate throughout When I Consume You, audiences will be left with wishing the movie consumed them more than it unfortunately did. While there are plenty of elements that bring forth some truly eerie elements, and the chemistry shared between the two leads, brings together elements for a true gem, but it still has some of the sand stuck on it, while it is not fully polished just yet.

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When I Consume You – Review


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