Academy Awards

Oscar Nominations 2011

Well, here they are, the annual list of ‘chosen ones’ from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. This year’s Oscar noms are a fairly reasonable lot, with nary a glaringly ridiculous choice among them. Guess they heard that hullaballooza over “The Tourist” and it’s Golden Globe nods… I haven’t seen every single entry in any given category, so (for now) I’ll keep my opinions to my...[Read More]

82nd Oscar Nominees Have Been Announced

There were few surprises this morning for the majority of the categories. However, with the Academy making 10 films eligible for BEST PICTURE there were going to be a few. Like, UP squeezing into both BEST PICTURE and BEST ANIMATED FILM. UP is the first animated feature since BEAUTY AND THE BEAST to appear in that category. The most shocking nomination for BEST PICTURE for me was DISTRICT 9. A wel...[Read More]

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