Box Office

The Sad Truth About GREEN LANTERN

Reports are coming in that Green Lantern will clock in with $52.7 Million as its box office gross for the weekend. While that’s pretty modest, the number begins to look pretty bleak when it’ll likely end up being the forth biggest superhero opening for the year (behind three Marvel films, as Captain America looks poised to do gangbusters.) Unfortunately the word-of-mouth for Lantern ranges from “b...[Read More]

AVATAR King of the Box Office

Avatar has finally done it. It has surpassed Titanic as the all-time highest domestic grossing film. Having passed the $600 million mark his morning, AVATAR now holds the dual title of both the largest grossing domestic, and international, film of all time. I suspect many of you are saying “it has higher ticket prices than the previous films”, “Avatar should have a star beside it...[Read More]

Avatar Passes The Dark Knight

Holy Moly! Avatar is unstoppable. It has just officially surpassed The Dark Knight in domestic box office gross and is set to beat Titanic for all time domestic box office champ shortly after, a feat it just accomplished internationally. I can attest to it’s popularity having plunked down my $13.50 last night to see it for the first time. Here it is about a month after it opened and the thea...[Read More]

Revenge of the Michael Bay Box Office

Right now I bet that Michael Bay is laughing at the critics that tore apart Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. In fact, Transformers 2 currently has the largest opening of 2009, 2nd largest 5-day opening and 2nd fastest to $200-million only behind last years behemoth The Dark Knight. I understand that early today he got a new pool installed. Picture inside

‘Fast & Furious’ Opens Huge – Sets April B.O. Record

While official box office numbers have yet to be release it looks as though Fast & Furious has broken two records. The largest April box office record and Universal’s largest opening weekend ever.

Weekend Box Office – September 19-22

The Sam-Jack thriller LAKEVIEW TERRACE takes the #1 spot with a $15M opening as the fall slump sets in…

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