Geeks on Parade at the Montreal Comic-Con [Photo Essay]

The weekend of 11 and 12 September saw Montreal’s Place Bonaventure become ground zero for all things geeky. Comics, comic artists, comic writers, comic lovers, comic book characters, toys, a certain DeLorean and a few actors from some of our most enduring sci-fi franchises were all in attendance and on display. And that was just in the main areas. There was also a dedicated presentation room for ...[Read More]

Ritchie Gets ‘Lobo’

There’s no end in sight for comic book movies and looks like the WB is moving ahead with its next project and it’s going to be the interstellar mercenary and bounty hunter Lobo. The Brothers Warner have also secured Guy Ritchie of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch fame to direct.

Faux Flash Trailer or WB Teaser?

During the recent early Watchmen screening, in Portland, Oregon on October 13th, not only did we find out that the ending may have been altered from the graphic novel, but a trailer for the upcoming big screen adaptation of the fastest man alive, The Flash, debuted, apparently anyway. The folks at /film were pointed to a bootleg trailer on YouTube, which looks like was it filmed in a theater, but ...[Read More]

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