Danny DeVito

Triplets… A Twins Sequel

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Tracy Morgan will join Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DaVito who are returning to reprise their brotherly bond. 33-years after Ivan Reitman brought the unlikely comedy of Twins to the big screen he has figured out how to make a sequel… a long lost third brother played by comedian Tracy Morgan. Reitman goes on to say: Twins was quite successful, and som...[Read More]

Danny DeVito debut as DC Comics author

We all know him as the iconic Penguin from the 1992 Batman Returns and it seems Danny will put ink to paper and write a Penguin story, as DC Comics has announced via their DC Connect #16 that the actor will make his debut as a comics author with their all-new Gotham City Villains Anniversary Giant. This should be good and who knows, it may make its way back on screen in the future once printed!? T...[Read More]

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