James Marsden

The Boss Baby: Family Business – Trailer

The Boss Baby himself took over Universal’s Twitter feed this morning to share the trailer for The Boss Baby: Family Business. The movie will now debut both in theatres and the Peacock streaming service on July 2nd Synopsis: In the sequel to DreamWorks Animation’s Oscar®-nominated blockbuster comedy, the Templeton brothers—Tim (James Marsden, X-Men franchise) and his Boss Baby little bro Ted...[Read More]

Disenchanted Finds Its Villain

The sequel to the 2007 hit Enchanted, smartly named Disenchanted, has found its villain. Maya Rudolph has been cast by Disney to cause havoc with the wonderful lives of the returning main cast – Amy Adam, Patrick Dempsey, James Mardsen and Idina Menzel. Also joining the cast is Yvette Nicole Brown (Lady and the Tramp – 2019) and Jayma Mays (The Smurfs). It’s suspected they will l...[Read More]


Book Report: The Siege of Trencher’s Farm (Straw Dogs)

Time to break out something new here on ECN, book reviews! Some of you may aware that I, myself, have dabbled in bookery… so when Titan Books offered us a peek at the first reprint of Gordon M. Willams’ thriller “The Siege of Trencher’s Farm” in damn near 40 years, how could I say no? Especially considering that this is the book that cinematic legend Sam Peckinpah use...[Read More]

Sex Drive – Theatrical Review

It may be difficult for anyone over 30 to understand, but in this day and age of instant communication and the internet, just about anything can be ordered up online – clothing, music and yes, even sex. Who needs singles bars and 1-900 numbers when meeting that special someone is as easy as putting a fake picture of yourself on the internet? Such is the case for 18 year old Ian (Josh Zuckerman), a...[Read More]

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