Baby Assassins – Fantastic Fest Review

What would happen if you took the charm of Booksmart and made the movie about teenage assassins instead? Well, you’d have Baby Assassins, this smart, funny, buddy cop assassin yakuza action movie that is choreographed so well, when the action gets going you get vibes of Tony Jaa. Chisato played by Akari Takaishi and Mahiro played by Saori Izawa are two high school girls about to graduate. However,...[Read More]

Ghost in the Shell in 3D

I remember as a kid being at a buddies birthday party when I was no more then 8, and their older brother coming over and throwing in “an animated movie we’d like” into the ole’ hifi VCR. Turns out it was the 1988 movie Akira and for the next 2 or so hours our innocence was ripped away as we watched some of the weirdest, violent but amazing animation any of us had ever seen....[Read More]

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