Jessica Biel

Must Watch: A-Team Trailer

Seems as though the Edmonton Journal has gotten their hands on the trailer for 20th Century Fox big screen adaptation of the A-Team. The quality is questionable, but the ad truly goes old school essentially repeating the shows original intro. Personally, I think this movie looks alright based on the trailer. Head on over to the Edmonton Journal and check it out. Report back here and let us know wh...[Read More]

Biel Strips in ‘Powder Blue’ Trailer

I’ve been staring at the screen for a while determining how exactly to write the intro for a trailer in which we see some Jessical Biel stripping, umm, moments. Actually, a lot of moments. So, I think I’ll just let you watch it. Keep in mind Jessica has confirmed that she does get naked in Powder Blue. Synopsis: A mosaic of people desperately search for redemption, human connection, an...[Read More]

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