John Carpenter

Halloween Kills – Review

The night he came home, again, and again, and again, and again, Halloween Kills! The newest sequel to the reboot of the original that has 4 other storyline branches is back, and this time more gruesome and bloodier than ever. Halloween Kills sure packs the body count, high, and does it in some of the most gruesome, intense ways we’ve seen Michael do this before. Some people will certainly have iss...[Read More]

Halloween 1978 – 31 Nights of Halloween

We’re a third (minus a day) of the way through October, so of course the logical choice would be the 1978 classic, Halloween. The night he came home! Michael returns to Haddonfield fifteen years later wrecking havoc on the town, causing chaos, returning to his murderous ways. The master John Carpenter directs and writes this masterpiece with his partner Debra Hill. If somehow you’ve never seen Hal...[Read More]

Halloween 1-5 Coming to UltraHD from Scream Factory Collection

Shout Factory is releasing all five of the original the Halloween movies in a stunning 4K UltraHD set as part of their Scream Factory Collection. If you order direct from their website you will get five limited edition posters, an enamel pin set, and exclusive 7″ red, orange and yellow Splatter Vinyls via Sacred Bones featuring newly recorded music by John Carpenter. That’s a lot of ba...[Read More]

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