John Singleton

MUST WATCH: New ‘A-Team’ Trailer

The first trailer for the A-TEAM showed that we can expect a decent adaptation of the TV series. However, this latest trailer shows us that we’re in for an action packed extravaganza loaded with a boat load of “AH, HELL YA/NO” from BA. Give it a look and chime in below with your thoughts. Available in HD at The A-Team stars Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Sharlto Copley, Q...[Read More]

Vin Diesel is ‘The Wheelman’

Vin Diesel likes to drive and Paramount Pictures is helping him get behind the wheel again. The plan is to adapt the Ubisoft video game Wheelman. The game stars Vin Diesel as the lead and producer and it only makes sense that he reprise the role for the live action movie.

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