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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Theatrical Review

The first entry in the stand alone Star Wars film series is, in my opinion, a huge success. As film that was spawned from a single line of dialog in A New Hope I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when the room went dark and projector started rolling. Rogue One thankfully delivers in all the right ways. Let me just say that none of the entries in the star wars universe are perfect. There is pl...[Read More]

The Secret Life of Pets – Theatrical Review

I am an avid fan of animation, computer or traditional. Most of the time they resonate well with me even if they are targeted to a younger audience. I’ll often watch animated films or tv shows when the kids aren’t around, or join them if they are. When word The Secret Life of Pets was a must watch for the whole family we took the kiddos to check it out. However, it turned out...[Read More]

Project X – Theatrical Review

Project X is certainly a product of its time. Filled with sex, crude humor, alcohol, rap music and teenagers behaving poorly–yes, it does sound like a Girls Gone Wild video. Though to be fair, It’s pretty funny. However, as I was walking out of the movie, it had me thinking: the end suggests living in the moment, rather than for the future. Is this really a great value for people? Ridiculous...[Read More]

War Horse – Theatrical Review

The Equine Edition Of, ‘There & Back Again’ A Stephen Spielberg war movie, cinematography by Janusz Kaminski, musical score by John Williams; equals a movie worthy of viewing for those three reasons alone. I have been fortunate to view some glorious looking movies and War Horse has jockeyed right there for the lead. Shot on location in various rural locations throughout England thi...[Read More]

Gamer – Theatrical Review

Gamer is not a new concept. Despite being a modern version of The Running Man (updated for a 2009 audience) comprised of mostly, ready for this, gamers *gasp*, the writing / directing team of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (Neveldine / Taylor) take a look at society’s current obsession with games like the Sims and Halo. Unfortunately, Gamer slightly misses the mark despite the duo having been suc...[Read More]

The Incredibles – Theatrical Review

Here’s the question. What do you get when merge family life with being a superhero? You get THE INCREDIBLES, which is the latest film from Pixar Animation. Something that I keep finding harder and harder to say is “This is Pixar’s best movie yet!”, mainly because they do keep getting better and this is their sixth success. Depending on what province you’re in here in Canada there are different rat...[Read More]

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