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Seobok – Toronto after Dark Review

Lee Yong-ju writes and directs Seobok, which is absolutely fantastic. It is part human genetical engineering/science fiction, part thriller, and part action that delivers on all fronts and packs a powerful punch. There is also part of the movie that is about morality and human cloning, which is really poignant, Seobok delivers on every front and creates a truly fantastic movie. The film focuses on...[Read More]

Nightshooters – Toronto After Dark Review

Written and directed by Marc Price whose probably seen a few too many action movies, comes the clever, fun, and ultra violent Nightshooters. The movie centers around a group of people seeing something they absolutely should not have seen and being absolutely clumsy and ridiculous about their way of seeing it, these people are just asking for trouble after realizing what they’ve witnessed and don’t...[Read More]

King Knight – Toronto After Dark Review

If you told me going into King Knight that it was going to star Matthew Gray Gubler as a charming hippie witch in a movie about self-discovery I wouldn’t have entirely known what to think. The movie is a hippie witch soul searching vibe, that makes the audience think back to their high school days and how far or how not far they’ve come since leaving that depth of personal hell. King Knight certai...[Read More]

International Shorts After Dark – Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Not enough people pay attention to short films, and not enough people tend to go out of their way to watch them during a film festival on the simple basis of there are so many features and so little time. However, shorts usually are better than most of the middle of the road features anyways because the programmers program the cream of the crop for their festival, and the programmers at Toronto Af...[Read More]

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