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Latest ‘Star Trek’ Trailer Raises Expectations to Warp Speeds!

The anticipation for the upcoming Star Trek kicked up expectations from sublight to warp speed with the release of the newest trailer.  The latest trailer is playing in front of the Watchmen and is definitely generating good buzz. This trailer is more character focused and highlights the journey that James T. Kirk takes from his pre-StarFleet days until he gets to sit in the ‘big chair.̵...[Read More]

‘Star Trek’ Website Gets Revamped

With all the Trek news and images hitting the movie sites these days you’d swear Paramount didn’t change their original planned Christmas day release date for 2008. Alas, it has been changed, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t promote it and they’ve updated their website to give the Trekkies a little more love.  

Two New ‘Star Trek’ Posters

Those lucky buggers over at were provided with the two newest posters from JJ Abrams upcoming Star Trek reboot. Check them out.

STAR TREK Exclusive Pics & Quotes From EW Cover Story!!!

Our new friends over at ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY have been kind enough to give us a sneak peek at their upcoming STAR TREK issue with some exclusive pics, new quotes from the creators and cast and a Hi-Res look at the cover! Read on, to boldly go where all others must wait til Tuesday to go! 

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