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Avatar Passes The Dark Knight

Holy Moly! Avatar is unstoppable. It has just officially surpassed The Dark Knight in domestic box office gross and is set to beat Titanic for all time domestic box office champ shortly after, a feat it just accomplished internationally. I can attest to it’s popularity having plunked down my $13.50 last night to see it for the first...[Read More]

Nolan off Batman? Bay done with Transformers?

Say it isn’t so? Apparently Director Christopher Nolan has been so shook up by Heath Ledger’s death that he may not return for the next Batman. Not to be outdone, Michael Bay has been telling everyone he’s done with the Transformers. First with Christopher Nolan, according to Batman on Film, Nolan has been hit “har...[Read More]

Live Blog – Dark Knight Live Commentary w/ Christopher Nolan

In approximately 20-minutes the live commentary over BD-Live with Christopher Nolan will begin. If you were one of the lucky ones who got in then brava, however, if you didn’t I will attempt to bring you live coverage as best I can during the screening. Keep in mind I’m the Eastern Time Zone so everything will be 3-hrs ahead f...[Read More]

‘Dark Knight’ Blu-ray Easter Egg Discovered

Word on the street, and by street I mean Internet, and by Internet I mean through an instance message, is that an Easter Egg has been discovered on The Dark Knight Blu-ray. I’ve updated our review with the steps on how to get it. If you stumble across anymore then shoot me an email or post a message.

‘Dark Knight’ Blu-ray Live Commentary Invites Go Out

Last night I received my invite to attend the BD-LIVE commentary with Christopher Nolan while watching The Dark Knight on Blu-ray. There are only 100,000 spots available and knowing that 600,000 discs have already sold you may want to ensure you get your spot quick. As a bonus you also get to ask him some question, either live, or before ...[Read More]

‘Dark Knight’ Breaks Blu-ray Sales Record

If the first day of sales for Warner Home Video’s The Dark Knight is any indication it’s on track to set all kinds of home video records not unlike it did at the box office. The Blu-ray version alone sold 600,000 copies on Tuesday December 6th eclipsing previous record holder IRON MAN, which sold 400,000 over 7-days. As for th...[Read More]

‘The Dark Knight’ Comes Back to Theatres and To Blu-ray

Not only is The Dark Knight headed back to the big screen for Oscar season, but there’s also going to be a December-18th Blu-ray Live event, where 100,000 owners of the Blu-ray release will get to watch and partake in a live, interactive commentary by director Christopher Nolan. So, will there be a sequel, or won’t there? Even Nolan...[Read More]

Micro Review: Dark Knight on Blu-ray

I wanted to give you all my first thoughts on The Dark Knight on Blu-ray. I literally just finished watching it moments ago and then grabbed my PC when I should be crawling into bed for my wake-up call five short hours from now. However, I needed to get something out there. Hence, the first Micro Review is born at Eye Crave Network. There...[Read More]

Dark Knight Leads Warner’s Q4

It is that time of year again when Warner Bros. Home Video invites all us press members to eat free food and drink free drinks. They do this quarterly to sucker us all into one room to tell us about all their upcoming titles on their captives audience. To think we fall for it every quarter… shame on us. Although, honestly, I donR...[Read More]

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