There’s Someone Inside Your House – Fantastic Fest Review

There’s Someone Inside Your House – Fantastic Fest Review
There's Someone Inside Your House

As the countdown to graduation begins, students at Osborne High are being stalked by a maniac intent on exposing their darkest secrets to the entire town, terrorizing victims while wearing a life-like mask of their own face. With a mysterious past of her own, Makani and her friends must discover the killer's identity before they become victims themselves.

There truly is nothing more terrifying and creepier than having that eerie feeling that someone is watching you. Well, maybe being hunted and murdered by someone wearing your face can take the cake on that horror, and that is exactly what happens in There’s Someone Inside Your House. Someone is taking out the graduating class of Osborne Highand before doing so, makes sure to expose their deepest darkest secrets. What’s worse having your heinous secrets brought to life, or being chased and brutally murdered by someone wearing your face?

The movie focuses on Makani played by Sydney Park as she and her friends and classmates consisting of Katie played by Sarah Dugdale, Oliver played by Theodore Pellerin, Olivia played by Kayla Heller, Caleb played by Burkley Duffield, and Jackson played by Markian Tarasiuk. The murders start slowly happening and they all assume that they know who the killer is, however once the number one suspect gains some trust and the killings keep occurring, they must band together to figure out who the masked killer is, and why they are targeting members of Osborne High.

What makes There’s Someone Inside Your House, work really well is that all of the actors give it their all, and bring that Scream-esque kind of energy to the movie while being high school students (and believable high school students) brings to life some silliness and genuine terror to these teenagers. As well the kills are nothing shy of graphic for the sake of being graphic and in a movie like this, it is absolutely welcome. There is nothing more fun and ridiculous than some of the most inventive, over the top, ridiculous screen kills seen in mainstream media in a while.

There’s Someone Inside Your House provides some over the top kills with some great twists, turns, and surprises that pack the punch the movie needs to deliver the enjoyment the audience is expecting. Get ready for the Halloween season with this fun, silly, and well-deserved slasher film.



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